The Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184)

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Course Outline:

General Provisions of the Government Procurement Reform Act
• Principles, Scope and Application, and Coverage
• Salient Features and Professionalization Measures
• Procurement Structure and Organization
• Honoraria of Procurement Professionals
• Accountability Measures
• 4C’s in the Culture of Procurement and Acronyms Recall

Procedural Steps for the Procurement of Goods / Related Services
1. Advertise and Post Invitation to Bid
2. Issue the Bidding Documents
3. Call a Pre-Bid Conference and if necessary, Issue the Supplemental / Bid Bulletins
4. Receive and Open the Bid Envelopes
5. Evaluate of Bids
6. Post-Qualify the Lowest Calculated Bid(LCB)
7. Award of Contract to the Lowest Calculated and Responsive Bid (LCRB)
8. Sign of Contract and Approval and Issued the Notice to Proceed

Alternative Methods of Procurement
• Limited Source Bidding
• Direct Contrscting
• Shopping
• Repeat Order
Negotiated Procurement

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