COMPETAD Terms of Service


It is COMPETAD’s primary thrust to provide high-quality learning experience through its different services. In order to ensure the fair use of the materials in the website and to protect the rights of both the user and the company, as well as its associates and partners, these terms and conditions shall apply to all activities done through this website, our mobile interphase, over the telephone numbers indicated in our Contact Us page, and any other media. By taking advantage of any of the services offered by COMPETAD, you agree to these terms of service. These terms are binding agreements between you, as the user, and COMPETAD Training and Professional Development services. If you do not agree to these, you may cease the use of our website and any of our services.

If you live outside the Philippines, you agree to resolve any disputes with COMPETAD Training and Professional Development through negotiations, not in court, and you waive rights to participate in any form of class action.

In order to take advantage of the services provided by COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services, you confirm that you:

  1. Are of legal age as indicated by applicable laws in the Philippines. If you are a minor who wants to take advantage of the services of COMPETAD, you may request for assistance from your legal guardian to set up the account on your behalf. COMPETAD may provide considerations and waivers, depending on the situation, but this requires proactive advice on the part of the user.
  2. Agree to all the terms and conditions in this website through the exercise of your freewill and without coercion from anyone. By using our services, you are indicating that you have reviewed, understood, and consented to be bound to these conditions.
  3. Shall providing true and accurate information in all applicable transactions with the company.
  4. Will not use or maliciously modify any features of the website to gain access to premium services or any other unfair advantage.
  5. Will not directly lift, copy, and use any of the contents from the website for commercial or public purposes. Any use of content will only be within fair use guidelines.
  6. Agree that these Terms of Service may be updated anytime without notice and that you as a user have the responsibility to check for these updates periodically.

Failure to adhere to this condition shall relinquish you of all rights and privileges from the services provided by COMPETAD as well as any potential legal claims whatsoever. The company has the sole discretion of providing exceptions in the conditions stated in this page. Any appeal to gain such exception shall be subject to review, in which the decision shall be final and irrevocable. As such, exceptions may also be waived at any time that COMPETAD sees it unfit and contradicting to any of its values, tenets, and standards.


  1. Account Management
  2. Courses and Service Access
    1. SPeL (Self-Paced e-Learning)
    2. e-Workshops
    3. Policy Creation and Consultancy
    4. Multimedia Learning and Video Presentations
  3. Privacy Practices and Policies

Account Management

Account Creation and Authenticity. Users who take advantage of our online services can create their own personal profile to maximize their experience and benefits. As such, setting up these accounts require that you fill in the information with authentic and real-life verifiable data as well as a valid email address. While the website may not recognize the use of pseudonyms and other fictitious information, we require you to supply correct details for later verification. Failure to supply correct information may result to an inability to access our services. COMPETAD will not able to provide any guarantees for services purchased using fictitious accounts. COMPETAD understands its responsibility to take care of your information. For more details on how we handle your personal data responsibly, please refer to our Privacy Practices and Policies section.  We encourage you to register only your authentic personal details.

Verification Process. When asking for assistance from our staff, they may ask you to verify their identity. Our verification is a three-point process that will require correctly supplying three pieces of unique information based on your registration details and account usage. Since there are exclusive and proprietary information that members can access through our service, the COMPETAD team member may refuse assistance when in doubt about the veracity of the information supplied in our system or the identity of the person requesting for assistance. This may happen especially for requests over the phone, Facebook Messenger, and other applicable media. You may also be asked for additional details, which may include a soft copy or photocopy of your company or other forms of valid identification. Failure to supply these may result to inability to receive the required assistance. COMPETAD has the rights to refuse assistance if a user has not been able to pass the three-point verification process.

Username and Password Retrieval. The user is responsible for keeping all the relevant details for logging in and account access. In an event that you have forgotten your username or password, the website provides a facility for retrieving these. You may also retrieve these over the phone by calling us. Please note that our staff shall follow our verification process for your protection.

Account Management. You shall have complete responsibility and accountability for everything that happens using your account including any harm or damage caused by anyone using your account. You are encouraged not to share your user credentials. Any issues arising from sharing your user details is outside the scope of assistance of COMPETAD. If anyone else is using your account without your permission, or if you suspect any other breach in privacy in relation to your account, you may notify our support team. Our verification process shall apply when we authenticate your identity before providing assistance; you need to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the account.

Inactive accounts. These refer to accounts that have not been accessed for more than a year. This happens when you do not login to your account at all. When an account becomes inactive, the features are retained. However, prolonged inactivity of up to 5 years may result to the deletion of the account during website maintenance. Some inactive accounts however may remain accessible longer. If you have not used your account for a long time and wish to verify if it can be retrieved, you may call us. Retrieval of inactive accounts cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to assist you.

Courses and Service Access

When you purchase our courses and services, you will have access to it using the relevant media you have chosen. However, you must not resell or transfer courses in any way. Courses shall grant you access depending on the type of service selected, and in conjunction to our Account Management Policy on Inactive Accounts.

Self-Paced e-Learning (SPeL) programs

After purchasing our Self-Paced e-Learning (SPeL) programs, you will have complete access to the learning material you have selected through our website. We are granting you the access to use the course as a learner or student. Our SPeL programs are licensed and owned by COMPETAD. Purchasing the course does not transfer any license to you for reselling or commercial use such as:

  1. Sharing your account information to another person for a fee.
  2. Copying and downloading the course for sharing on torrents and other websites.
  3. Reselling the course in printed form.
  4. Sharing the course content using online video platforms and social media.

COMPETAD grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable license to view the course and all included contents you have purchased and paid purely for personal, non-commercial, and educational purposes and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. You must not attempt to reproduce, redistribute, broadcast, transmit, assign, rent, share, lend, edit, create derivative works of, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the course without authentic documented permission from COMPETAD. Failure to follow these may result to the revocation of all access to any services granted to you. We also reserve the right to revoke your access at any time, such as but not limited to legal reasons and policies, copyright complaints, and any need to determine if any of a course’s contents violate applicable copyrights laws. This does not remove COMPETAD’s rights to file applicable lawsuits in connection to the violation.

Refund Policy. Once our Self-Paced e-Learning Program has been released to your files, we are unable to provide any refund nor transfer the payment to a different program. When completing your order and payment, please make sure that you are selecting only the program you intend to take. If you do not agree to this refund policy, please feel free to discontinue the use of the service.


Our e-Workshops are services that allow you one-time access to attend our interactive online workshops. After purchasing this service, you will have transferrable access to our workshop for the date specified on your registration form. By registering, you shall be bound to the terms of service of our website as well as other terms indicated in applicable documents that may be sent to you. Our primary platform for our e-Workshop is Zoom but we may let you know if we are using other systems through our online ads. Here are some terms for using this service:

  1. COMPETAD is unable to guarantee assistance for issues arising to firewall, computer settings, download, incompatibilities, inability of app to perform, and other device-related technical issues. Before you enroll in the service, please ensure that you have at least the following specifications for your gadget:
  • Internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in, USB plugged, or wireless Bluetooth-connected
  • Webcam – built-in or USB plug-in
  • HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card

These are minimum requirements but COMPETAD may not be able to guarantee the workability of our platform despite having these. Furthermore, here are some things about devices which you may need to know about our platform, as suggested in the Zoom website:

  • Generally, the platform desktop client on Windows supports buttons for devices made by these manufacturers: Jabra, Logitech, Plantronics, and Yamaha.
  • Zoom Phone does not support answer/disconnect buttons on supported headsets. Only mute and volume buttons are supported.
  • To determine support on Linux, visit the manufacturers’ product pages using the links below. You can also visit the support site of your Linux distribution.
  • If you’re using Zoom Rooms, see our suggested hardware for Zoom Rooms.
  • Models labelled with an asterisk (*) are not supported on Mac.
  • Models labelled with Bluetooth can also be used with the Zoom Mobile App.
  1. Certain programs have interaction options only available to laptop users. COMPETAD will not be able to guarantee that you will have these options if you are using your mobile phones or tablet when attending our sessions. Our facilitator may provide you alternative options for interaction when possible but we suggest that you use a fully functional and compatible laptop or desktop for the best experience.
  2. Recording of our Premium e-Workshops cannot be furnished to participants, as this is non-inclusive of the benefits granted through your paid service. We have Free e-Workshops that are available and recorded through Facebook live and Facebook posts. The participants are free to review, watch, and share these to their friends.
  3. PowerPoint slides may be sent to the participants only upon request. Certain attributes of the slides may not be available such as animations, trainer notes, and other proprietary information.
  4. Due to license limitations, any multimedia, video, and audio presentations played during the session are not shareable to participants. We share in the advocacy of protecting intellectual property rights and encourage you to report to us if any of our services and contents may be violating these or if others use them for purposes outside of fair-use.
  5. Participants must attend the e-Workshop only on the date they signed up and paid for. Failure to attend the session for any reason may result to forfeiture of payment. In the spirit of customer service, you may get in touch with our staff and verify the possibility of rescheduling. While we will do our best to assist, we cannot guarantee the availability of the same topics nor the slots for future e-Workshops of the same title. COMPETAD reserves the right to refuse the participant for rescheduling and re-accommodation for any reason we see fit for the protection of our interest. Any decision is final and non-contestable. If you do not agree to this, please do not use this service.
  6. For Paid/Premium e-Workshops, cancellation of registration may be done not less than 7 days prior to the date of the registered event. You may call our staff so we can assist you. You can select from two options in regard to the balance from your cancellation:
  7. Stored Funds – The fee for the program paid may be converted to points fees which you can use for any other Premium e-Workshops, subject to slot availability.
  8. Refund – We may deposit the refund through a nominated bank minus 50% of its total value as administrative fee.

Policy Creation and Consultancy Service

Our Policy Creation and Consultancy Service aims to provide assistance in creating policies for companies in different industries. The policies are usually written in English but it is possible to request for a Filipino version. The documents and related outputs created through this service are transferred to the ownership of the client. This means that you can make use of the content of the document for whatever purpose it may serve you.

The policy creation process is a coordinated effort between our staff and the client company’s. The policies will be approved by the client company’s representative before finalizing. COMPETAD can also provide consulting services as an add-on if the client so requires. As such,  COMPETAD’s Policy Creation and Consultancy Service is limited to providing majority of the assistance needed in documenting the required regulations of the client company while incorporating standards that are cohesive with relevant Philippine Laws and Regulations especially those that involve labor during the time of document creation. Should there be any new regulations during the creation of the document that were not covered, COMPETAD can update it as requested as long as the document has not yet been finalized. Any updates after finalization shall be charged separately.

Limited Liability. COMPETAD shall not be liable for any cases whatsoever involving the client company even when these involve any of the policies created during the delivery of the service. We shall also not be liable for any misinterpretations and miscalculations resulting from the document and any of its contents, especially after the document’s approval. In regards to the consultation services, we can provide these only for administrative purposes and internal management. Consultancy shall not include legal counsel and our consultants may still refer you to contact legal services for any scenarios that requires such. By taking advantage of this service, you vouch that you have understood the contents of these limitations of the service including their implications to you and your business. You also agree to relinquish any rights to file any claims or cases against COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services that arise from any outputs created during and after the delivery of the services.

Client Confidentiality. As it is our thrust to provide quality and professional service. We shall ensure that your information as a client is kept confidential in compliance to all applicable Privacy Laws in the Philippines and the conditions included in our Privacy Practices and Policies. Any negotiations on confidentiality may be applied through proper documentation and discussion with our relevant staff; otherwise, we shall still be compliant to all applicable Philippine Laws.

Cancellations. In any event that you will need to cancel the service, please note that your 50% down payment shall be forfeited. This is to allow our specialists and team members to receive what is due of the effort they have already put in. If full payment was already made, you will be eligible for a 50% refund and an applicable admin fee, which may be a minimum of Php 2000 or a percentage of the project cost, whichever is higher to cover for bank fees and other possible admin costs. This shall be stated in your terms and conditions before agreeing to the project. For projects where retainer fee is applicable, no refunds shall be processed in any case whatsoever.

Multimedia Learning and Video Presentations

Our Multimedia Learning and Video Presentations service assists our clients in the creation of infographics, videos, and other learning material presentations tailored to their intended audience. The output of this service is transferred to the ownership and full responsibility of the client upon finalization. The client shall be free to use the output for whatever purposes they see fit.

Securing licenses for exclusive use is not part of the scope of services provided by COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services. As such, the client can obtain licenses and copyrights separately as per procedures by the IPOPHL (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines) or the NLP (National Library of the Philippines).

Limited Liability. COMPETAD shall not be liable for any possible issues arising from contents included in the final outputs, especially if these were provided by the clients. By using the service, you guarantee that the information you provide for inclusion in our projects such as video footages, infographics, pictures, audio, and others are licensed to you for your intended purposes. In the spirit of professionalism, we shall only include supplementary materials and information which we have sufficient license for use and are covered by fair-use. COMPETAD shall not be liable for any misinformation or incorrect data provided in the videos. By approving the final output, the client agrees that ownership, responsibilities, and full accountabilities for the video and its use thereafter are transferred to them totally.

Client Confidentiality. As it is our thrust to provide quality and professional service. We shall ensure that your information as a client is kept confidential in compliance to all applicable Privacy Laws in the Philippines. For more information you may also check our Privacy Practices and Policies.

Cancellations. In any event that you will need to cancel the service, please note that your 50% down payment shall be forfeited. This is to allow our specialists and team members to receive what is due of the effort they have already put in. If full payment was already made, you will be eligible for a 50% refund and an applicable admin fee, which may be a minimum of Php 2000 or a percentage of the project cost, whichever is higher to cover for bank fees and other possible admin costs. This shall be stated in your terms and conditions before agreeing to the project.

Privacy Practices and Policies

We appreciate your trust in providing your information and taking part of the services of COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services. Because we respect your privacy, we hope to share with you how we collect, use, and share data about you. This policy shall discuss how you can access, update, and manage your personal data while using any of our services. It also covers policies applicable whenever you visit the COMPETAD website. By using our services or accessing our website, you agree to our Privacy Practices and Policies. These policies are guided by existing privacy laws in the Philippines.

If you live outside the Philippines and are not covered by Philippine Privacy Laws, you agree to resolve any issues and disputes arising from privacy matters solely with COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services through negotiations, and not in court. By using our services, you relinquish your rights to file cases related to privacy, especially but not exclusively in regard to matters not covered or discussed by our Privacy Policy.

Data Collection. We are able to gather your data based on information that you have entered into our website, social media facilities, sponsored sign up pages, and partner websites. We also collect data from your interaction with our website, staff, and other third-party partners. We may also gather information based on your historical use of our services and other publicly available information. When we conduct free e-Workshops or webinar, we also collect registration information through our service platform and other online facilities.

What data we collect. There are many pieces of information we collect about you. The data we collect is mostly comprised of personal information that you supply when you enroll to our courses. There are also website features that allow you to interact with other users, such as page comments. You can choose to share your photo and personal information when you comment or react to pages in our website, on your own volition. We keep track of information related to your purchases and enrollment in order to process what is necessary to provide these services. In the process, we may also collect payment information such (but not limited to) as billing address, your name, and others that may be necessary for authentication.

When seeking account-specific customer service, COMPETAD may ask you to verify pieces of information based on the details you have previously registered. Failure to pass our 3-point verification process may result to our inability to provide assistance. You may refer to our Account Management Process for more details.

If you are one of our partners, speakers, writers, and other freelance service provider, we may also collect payment account information that is necessary in order for us to settle any necessary fees. We may also collect information such as biographical information, employment history, physical address, and tax information.

For our Multimedia Learning and Video Presentations Services, you may provide us with video footage as well as other types of contents including but not limited to photos, infographics, audio, or other project related materials and assets. These materials shall be used by COMPETAD for purposes within the scope of fair-use. Proprietary information and other details which you wish to protect outside the provisions of this privacy policy may be proactively requested, discussed, documented, and appended to our terms of agreement separately. We shall not duplicate, replicate, or use your branded contents for other purposes outside of the project without your authorization.

Automated Data Collection. We may collect system data while you use our website. These may include information such as IP address, device type, operating system type and version, unique device identifiers, browser, browser language, domain and other systems data, and platform types. Based on your IP address, we may also be able to gather information regarding your approximate location. Since it is important for us to deliver service that is most relevant to you, our system automatically gathers information on courses you have accessed, length of time spent on website pages, clicked links,      pages visited, and other pertinent information. These are collected using server log files and other tracking technologies.

Online Advertising. From time to time, we make use of online advertising for our products and services. This may include platforms such as social media, google ads, and others. Regardless of the platform, our third party ad services provider may gather information using cookies and other technologies from your mobile phone, computer, laptop, and other devices.

Information Usage. The data we have collected from your activities are used for the following:

  1. Providing services relevant to your needs.
  2. Communicate to you in regard to any concerns about our services.
  3. Soliciting feedback from users to improve our services.
  4. Verifying your information in order to provide out-of-the box solutions for unusual issues while using our services.
  5. Analyze trends, usage data, purchases, and other valuable information.
  6. Secure payments and taxes as required by law.
  7. Any uses that we determine to be necessary to ensure the integrity of our users, employees, third parties, the public, and our services.

Data Sharing and Protection. Your data is shared with our consultants, trainers, contractors, course developers, and staff so that we can enrich your experience with our relevant services. These are also used to identify your preferences for relevant advertising and promotions. Lastly, we may share your data if it may be required for security, legal compliance, and in case there is any essential corporate restructuring.

For information shared online or electronically, COMPETAD uses regular malware scanning. We do not use PCI standards. Sensitive information shared are encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. We have internal processes in place to ensure that information you provide through orders and online submissions are secured and accessed only by limited staff members.

COMPETAD shall adopt and implement reasonable procedures for protecting personal information in compliance with applicable laws in the Philippines. If you are outside of the Philippines, you are waiving any privileges in data protection that are not covered by Philippine laws. Please go through and validate our Data Policy to verify that the standards we take are agreeable to you.