About Us

COMPETAD Training and Professional Development Services traces its humble beginnings in 2013 when its founder, Philip Nucleus Sia I, started out as a Freelance Trainer. The first course offerings were Time and Stress Management, Communications, and Leadership.

Through time, programs have widened to include other soft-skill courses such as Change Management, Professionalism courses, Image and Perception Management, Customer Service, and a variety of others. Recently, COMPETAD has also branched out to Engineering and Information Technology with courses such as Protective Relaying, Variable Frequency Distribution, Basic to Advanced Microsoft Office Training, Power Transformer Preventive Maintenance, and many others.  

COMPETAD stands for Competitive Advantage. With the ever-pressing demands of competition in the business community, what can truly set apart a company is its human resource. Because COMPETAD specializes in providing you world-class and tailor-fitted training, we aspire to give you that competitive advantage when you become our aspiration partner*.

Formally launched on 13 August 2015, COMPETAD took the next step to success by building its online presence. Putting together a force of highly trained professionals, consultants, and specialists into one organization, here are our vision and mission:


  • To be the nation’s leader in providing high quality training that will support the achievement of greater business productivity to the highest possible number of companies from the widest possible range of industries.

Mission :

  • To provide high quality and competitive training solutions to our aspiration partners* as we put together experienced professionals in their respective industries into one organization in order to deliver effective and result-driving competency programs.

Here are some of our clients. You may also visit and like our Facebook page for a gallery of our training events.

We would like to help you enrich your business because you are not just clients – you are our aspiration partner.* Your aspirations become our aspirations. We work with you toward one goal and we aim to help in your success by enhancing your most important resource — Human Resource.

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