Microsoft Excel for the Basic and Intermediate Users

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Microsoft Excel is a very indispensable tool in any office. It is an excellent tool for entering, managing, calculating, and analyzing office data. Through Microsoft Excel, you can identify trends in the office and provide appropriate and practical solutions to any gaps and issues. Because of this, Excel skills are truly a must in almost every individual. Because Excel is a massive application with thousands of features available, employees can sometimes be overwhelmed and confused by its uses.
In this Module, we will attempt to provide you with basic to intermediate level usage of the Microsoft Excel software. We will provide you with information about its parts, programming, and practical functions so that you can use it like a pro.

By the end of the course you should be able to:
1. Identify the different areas in the screen for Microsoft Excel.
2. Learn and practice entering and formatting data, numbers, and tables.
3. Navigate and effectively use practical formulas used in Excel
4. Use conditional Formatting in MS Excel
5. Create Simple but presentable reports using MS Excel

Any professional who may be using Excel for their chosen career or those who deal with data and reporting in their field of work.

Discussion, Hands-On Exercises, Multi-media (Optional)

Participants should bring their own laptop with MS Excel installed for practice and exercises.


I – Getting Started – Review and Introduction
   A. Pre-test
   B. Areas in the Excel Sheet Window
        1. Quick Access Tool Bar
        2. Ribbon
        3. Formula Bar
        4. Spread sheet Grid
        5. Status Bar
   C. Understanding Basic Terminologies in Excel

II – Entering and Formatting Data
   A. Typing Data in MS Excel
   B. Tips in Formatting Your Excel Reports
   C. Understanding Excel Tables
   D. Conditional Formatting

III – Introduction to Formulas
   A. Understanding What a Formula Is
   B. 10 Most Commonly Used Formula
   C. Formula Exercises and Situationals

IV – Creating Reports in Excel
   A. Using Pivot Tables
   B. Introduction to Charts
   C. Report Creation Exercises

V – Post Test Activity


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