Labor Relations: Bridging the Gap Between Management and HR

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Course Description:        A discussion on the different Labor Standards under the Labor Code, including the different kinds of employment and mandated conditions. This course also includes a discussion on proper procedure in disciplinary cases of employees in a business and how to avoid possible legal exposure.


  1. Labor Code
    1. Brief Background of the Labor Code
    2. Applicable laws and rules in the implementation of the Labor Code
  2. Employee-Employer Relationship
    1. Four-fold Test
    2. Control Test
  3. Different kinds of Employees
    1. Regular Employees
    2. Seasonal Employees
    3. Casual Employees
    4. Project Employees
    5.  Contractual employees
    6. Probationary Employee
  4. Condition Employment
    1. Hours of Work (including rest days, meal period, night shift, and overtime)
    2. Holiday and Premium Pay
    3. Service Incentive Leave
    4. Service Charges
    5. Solo Parent Law


  1. Termination by the Employer
    1. Just Causes
    2. Authorized Causes
  2. Termination by the Employee
    1. Resignation
  3. Illegal Dismissal
    1. Actual
    2. Constructive
  4. Due Process
    1. Twin-notice rule
    2. Penalties in failing to comply with due process



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