5 Winning Mindsets for 2021

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It is already the second month of 2021, so what do you have planned for the rest of the year? For some of us who have not taken the time to reflect and look forward to it, let us do that today.

2020 was a very challenging year for us. It was a time of chaos, changes, and personal transformations. The year started with a volcanic eruption that forced us to wear masks to avoid inhaling toxic substances. Just a couple of months after, we were plagued by the COVID-19 virus so we had to continue wearing the masks. This went on for the rest of the year, until today. Then toward the last quarter of the year, we experienced the wrath of typhoon Ulysses. With all these happening, it is not surprising to see that some Pinoys felt like giving up and have not recovered until now.

Conversely, for a few us, 2020 was a year of new opportunities. New ways of doing business were developed. We worked through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by transitioning some of our activities online. Training, seminars, and conferences were done this way. Food and Items Delivery services have also become more popular than ever. Online businesses flourished. Even live-streaming became commonplace for gamers and sellers. This confirms that even in the darkest of times, we can always find a silver lining.

So what mindsets should we have this year so we can see that silver lining and bring our mojos back? Let’s find out some.

  1. “I am in Control”

2020 may have been a roller coaster of things that went out of control but 2021 offers us hope. We may have been scared of travelling or making plans for the year in 2020, but this is the time to take back that control. Of course, that said, safety protocols will still be the primary consideration. The government has been more relaxed with the quarantine and health measures but that does not necessarily mean that so should we. We may need to plan around the conditions of our new normal, but we should not let it solely impact our decisions. We need to get back to planning celebrations for life’s milestones. We need to start putting together a list of things we want to do or accomplish for the year. For our career-life, this is the time that we start owning up and taking responsibility for our actions. We need to put some planning onto to the outputs we deliver at work. We should not blame the conditions of the pandemic when we fail to deliver. Instead, remind yourself that you are responsible for it all. You can start small by setting daily schedules and by listing down the things you would like to accomplish in the week. Then, as you do this more often and get your grove, you can plan more activities farther forward. This year is truly the time to say that you are in control.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. “I have to tell my truth”

Some of us may have been keeping a flawless front to show everyone that we are okay. But the pandemic may have taken its toll on our mental health. Months and months of seclusion, limited social interactions, and being with the same people at home all the time can be quite draining at times. It is okay to admit it if that is how you feel. Know that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same. Keeping things to yourself can only make you more stressed. It is important to have this same mindset at work. In the past, you are expected to always know what you are doing at work. This year, there may be changes brought about by the pandemic that makes us feel like we do not know how to do some things anymore. Do not fret; everyone is as frazzled as you. We have to learn to communicate this positively with a tone that expresses that we are willing to take action. We have to collaborate, whether you are a manager or a rank-and-file employee. Managers need to understand the impact of the changes. If you are an employee and are having a hard time, you may tell your boss, “Here are some challenges I have for this new undertaking. These are the things I have tried out… Here are some things I will try moving forward… Do you have other suggestions?” These words will not come naturally if you have not accepted your truth. Once you have had acceptance, these can be very powerful statements that will help you go through your tasks. It also helps your manager see that you are proactive in trying out things you can do on your end first before bothering him. Again, all these begins with accepting your truth.

  1. “If I can’t change things, I will change the way I see them…”

If mindset number one does not work for you because you keep seeing things that are out of your control, then you may try this mindset instead. Looking at things from a different perspective may help you find a solution or a lighter way of seeing things. By doing this, hurdles that seem too stressful to think about may be seen less negatively. Know that by looking at a problem through a different perspective, you may find a silver lining. When we started working at home, some of us hated the isolation and the feeling of being trapped. But for others who saw things differently, they found relief from traffic as a sliver of sunshine. What used to greatly stress them out was gone. This may apply to many situations. There is always a better way of looking at things. See your challenges as something that can help you grow. You always have something to gain at every difficulty; it may be a new experience, a new piece of wisdom, or knowledge. After going through something challenging, take time to reflect as well so you can see what went well (there is always something that goes well) and what did not go so well. Making this a habit helps speed up the process of adapting to the new normal.  

  1. “Piso pa rin yan”

One of the things we can noticed during the pandemic are things on sale here and there. This is expected as businesses try to squeeze everything that they can earn from their merchandise at a time that demand is low. Some Filipinos, who are lucky enough to have kept their jobs, spent a good deal of time scrolling and adding to cart, taking advantage of sales. But instead of just buying because things are on sale, assess whether you actually need them or not. These are volatile times. Not to be a pessimist but we can lose our job any minute. Think several times about whether or not what you are buying is a need or merely a want ― We do not need to discuss what that means in lengthy detail, right?

Filipinos usually go with, “100 lang naman”. Instead of this say, “Piso pa rin yan”. Just because you are lucky enough to keep the job and have the means to spend does not mean that you are entitled to splurge on anything not necessary. When you buy something you “just want” that costs 100 pesos instead of 250, you did not save 150 pesos ― You spend 100 pesos! Every peso counts, so save as much as you can. If you are working at home, that means you are saving on daily fare or gas. Use this money to upgrade your internet so you can be more productive at work. Else, put the savings in a bank so you have something to use in case things do not work at best.


Regardless of what profession or industry you work in, these mindsets can really help you build a winning year. If you would put these at heart and truly live by it, you will surely enjoy a 2021 that is full of happiness whatever ups and downs come your way. Remember that nothing is sure about the future especially when we are still in the process of transitioning to a new normal. We may not be able to live our lives the same as we used to, but change is something that is really welcome. When we welcome it, we are definitely on our way to a great year as well as the rest of our lives. How about you, what are some mindsets you can add to our list? Comment it below.

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