Business Writing (Memos, Agenda, Email , Meeting Minutes)

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This module is about effectively communicating through written communication. It includes a review on common errors in English tailor-fitted to novice to relatively experienced Filipino writers. The module discusses basic rules in effective composition and provides hands-on practice. At the end of the module, the discussion will be primarily focused on specific needs of the Engineers. The below Section V shows a sample format of a technical report required from Engineers. Given the many formats different companies follow, we can also tailor-fit it to the preferred format. A pre-work may be required for diagnosis and pre-test purposes.


I – Objectives

  1. Review Communication Basics
  2. Re-learn the do’s and don’ts when writing
  3. Learn about the Effective Thought Patterns used in Speeches
  4. Be able to practice using Effective Thought Patterns in delivering messages

II – WIIFM (What’s In It for Me)

III – Communication Review 101 (Common Filipino Errors with Pre-test and Post Test)

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement
  2. Prepositions
  3. Filipinisms
  4. Commonly misspelled words
  5. Punctuations and Capitalizations
  6. Other Common Errors

IV – Writing Your Report (Effective Written Communication)

  1. Clarity of Your Write-Up Objective
  2. Considering Your Audience (Who will Read It)
  3. Choosing Your Report Format
  4. Do’s and Don’ts – Technical Writing Etiquette and Style

V – Parts of a Technical Report (Can Be Tailor-Fitted As Required)

  1. Introduction
  2. Experimental Details
  3. Results and Analysis
  4. Conclusions and Recommendations
  5. References

VI – Final Exercise


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