Effective Telesales Techniques Workshop


A Telemarketing call can either make or break a company’s success. Because of this, it is very important that frontline staff members engaged in Telesales have the basic knowledge and skill on how to properly handle outbound calls in order to build the right image for your company. This training module provides ample information and application thru practice on key ingredients that make up a successful Telesales call to ensure that your staff members are equipped with what they need to succeed.


The session shall be a mixture of interactive discussion and exercises geared to ensure that your associates does not only know how to make effective telesales call, they also have the skill to apply the knowledge when they perform these activities.


After going thru this training, the participants are expected to:

  1. Learn the step-by-step process of an outbound Telemarketing call.
  2. Review etiquette in making outbound calls.
  3. Learn to keep your customers on the phone
  4. Learn basic Objection Handling Techniques


  1. Getting Ready for Telemarketing
  2. Understanding What It Takes
  3. Reflective Assessment (SWOT)
  4. Telephonetiquette
  5. The image of Your Voice
  6. Greeting Your Customer
  7. Respecting Your Customer’s Time

III. Keeping Your Customer on the Phone (Rapport Building)

  1. Vocal Tone
  2. Positive Phrasing
  3. Listening to Your Customer (And how to show it)
  4. The ABC of Objection Handling
  5. Acknowledgement
  6. Bridging
  7. Closing the Deal
  8. Call Simulation


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