Managing Teams and Understanding Diversity

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Success greatly relies on how efficiently and effectively a team operates. Being a professional inevitably means that we need to have the ability to work in a team environment. Bringing a team together can be a daunting challenge because of the varying attitudes people have. Successful leaders understand the dynamics of a team and uses tools to effectively deliver results.
This course attempts to provide leaders with the tools that they need to understand and effectively drive a team toward high performance and success. It includes a discussion on the different stages the team goes through, their ability to resolve conflicts, and their resolve to respond to different problems.

At the end of this module, the participants should be able to:
     1.Understand what it means to be a team.
     2.Learn the different stages a team goes through
     3.Be able to describe the characteristics of great teams
     4.Know some of the tools that can help manage working in a team environment


I – Understanding a Team
     A.What is a team and what is not?
     B.Understanding Synergy
     C.Tuckman’s 5 Stages of Team Development
     D.Knowing a High Performing Team
II- Making the Most of Your Team
     A.Work-Goal Clarity
          1.Goal Setting – A Clear Purpose
     B.Encouraging Creative Thinking
          2.6 Thinking Hats
          3.Professional Disagreements
     C.Managing Diversity
          1.Shared Leadership
          2.Types of Team Members
     D.Allowing Open Communication
          1.Importance of Communication
          2.Communication Channels
          3.Managing Coercive Factors
          5.Conducting Team Meetings
III – Working Toward the Future
     A.SWOT Analysis
     B.PEST AnalysisGrass

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