Work Attitude and Values Enhancement


This 8-hour program is created to set your employees on fire and keep them motivated and with the right attitude. The module is designed to help employees see the value of their work and increase their awareness of their personal and corporate values.

The discussions center on the company’s core values and how they contribute to the attainment of the company’s vision and mission. The core values are meant to inspire, and this training attempts to achieve that purpose by bridging company values to personal values. It also allows a reflective session where Employees can see the usually unseen price of inappropriate values at work.



  • Getting To Know Session
  • WIIFM – What’s In It For Me (Undestanding What WAVE can do for the employees)
  • Setting Workshop House Rules
  • Setting Workshop Objectives
  • Understanding Values
  • Company Values Vs Self Values
  • Reflection Activities / Visioning Excercises
  • What is a Vision and Mission
  • Integrity and Its Price
  • My Company’s Values (Will be based on the CORE Values from SLTC)


  • Values VS Attitudes
  • How Varying Perspectives Affect Values
  • Discussion on How Work Attitude affects Altitude
  • Understanding Attitudes and How We Can Change It
  • Video Study – The Right Attitude
  • Attitude VS Skills – Which one is important?
  • Turning negative into Positive Attitudes
  • The Circle of Control
  • Personal Action planning: “What Do I Do Differently?”
  • Final Activity
  • Self-Improvement Credo
  • Reflective and Inspirational Words