Sales Supervision Workshop

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This program will help you make decisions that measurably improve your managerial effectiveness and increase the productivity of your sales team!

This Learning Session is especially designed to meet the needs of experienced sales managers and other executives responsible for directing the sales force; this program links sales structure design and implementation with the firm’s marketing strategy to improve sales force productivity.


Understand how your success is linked to fully integrating your sales structural design to the strategic direction of the firm.
Apply strategic techniques to company-wide problems and derive implications for sales force design and account management policies.
Understand how measuring strategy-linked sales processes and outcomes will produce greater sales productivity.
Learn techniques for identifying, hiring, and retaining the best salespeople.Sales Supervision


This course session is designed for those responsible for planning, analysis, control, and direction of the sales organization. Representative titles include vice president or director of sales, vice president or director of sales and marketing, national sales manager, branch managers, account managers and seasoned regional sales managers and account executives, sales representatives. This session is equally applicable for those managing sales processes for products or services.


Strategy and the Firm: Tools for Strategy

   ✔Learn approaches to strategy that are compatible with sales management
   ✔Identify and integrate strategic activities of the firm with the sales force
   ✔Linking Your Firm’s Strategy to Sales Force Structure

   ✔Linking sales structure design to the firm’s strategy
   ✔Integrating selling with sales processes
   ✔Managing and Measuring the Sales Organization

   ✔How to measure sales processes and outcomes
   ✔Developing sales measurement data
   ✔Recruitment and Selection

   ✔Building profiles for the most effective sales people
   ✔Reducing management time required to supervise salespeople
   ✔Professional Training

   ✔Designing programs to address needed competencies
   ✔Continuous improvement in the quality of your salespeople
   ✔DELIVERABLES: At the program’s conclusion, the participants will have an understanding and acquire the ability to successfully supervise sales and sales processes: using a to-do list, prioritizing the items on it and working better with others.

Approach & Duration:

Individual Assessments
Use of participant manual/worksheets
Use of a combination of presentation and group activities
Story telling of real-life situations
Interactive group discussions
Challenging the thinking of participants
Providing input to participants’ real-life situations


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