Change Management Leadership Module (Guiding People through Changes)

This Module shall help business leaders in forming effective groups. This module is for companies with consistent changes, shuffling teams, merging programs, merging departments, and other such changes. It provides insights about how changes happen, what predictable stages it has, and how managers and supervisors can guide their direct reports thru such changes and minimize any costly business impacts caused by changes.

I – Introduction of Participants

II – Objectives and Topic Introduction

1. What is Change Management and why is It Important?
2. What are Some Effects of failure to manage people thru changes?
3. Premises of Change
4. Activity: Group Flipchat Activity (Process Change, People Change, Technological Change, Cultural Change)

III – Challenge of Integration (Putting together individuals into a single unit)

1. Symptoms of a Merger Drift (Discussion+Activity)
2. Adjustment Period (Apathy, preoccupation in the past, lack of commitment, resistance to change, etc.)
3. Dealing with New Team Members
4. Getting Back to Work
5. People’s Responses to Change (Discussion+Activity)
6. The ready
7. The Wanting
8. The Wrung Out
9. Steps in Building Our New Team and Moving On
10.How People Cope (Activity)

IV – The Stages in the Transition Process (What each step is and what to do in each)

1. Routine
2. Change
3. Acceptance and Denial
4. Letting Go
5. Confusion
6. AHA
7. Verification
8. Renewal

V – Debrief: Activity to identify where in the change process stages the participants are and how they can cope at that stage to get to the stage of renewal



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