Rapport Building through Effective Communications



In the current time, it matters not only what you say. Saying it the right way also matters. Influential individuals are those that not only convey information, but also those that are able to inspire and motivate. When presenting your business or product, it is usually very important that you know how to say things positively. Being in sales, and even in non-sales careers require that you know how to build rapport. It is very easy to get into a business meeting and lose the sale out of lack of rapport.

In this module, we explore how your communication style and positive phrasing can help you build rapport whether it is to clients, your officemates, your boss, new friends, or others. It will allow you to discover new approaches in starting good business relationships, and sometimes even friendly ones, with people.


Interactive Classroom discussion, multi-media (optional), exercises, and activities.


Managers, Supervisors, Office Staff, Sales Personnel, Customer Service Staff, Public Speakers, Counselors, and any others whose work includes talkingh to people.


I – Understanding Rapport
A. What is rapport?
B. Importance of rapport
C. Factors that affect Rapport

II – Conversational/Verbal Communication Skills
A. Listening Skills
B. Showing Your Listening Skills
C. An Empathy Statement

III – Breaking the Ice (Starting the Building-rapport process)
A. Initiating Small Talk
B. Display Listening Skills to Find Common Interest
C. Be Conscious of Your Non-Verbal Cues
D. Show Empathy
E. Use some Humor

IV – Positive Phrasing
A. Words to Use to convey positivism
B. Words to avoid
C. Common Scenarios Exercises

V- Final Activity and Workshop Debrief