Power Systems Protection: Protective Relaying Seminar

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A very important part of any electric power system is Protective Relaying. While usual operations may not require its analysis, troubleshooting any unusual changes, faults, and disturbances makes a good understanding of it a necessity. Protective relaying requires specialization and knowledge of all aspects of electrical power generation from production, to distribution, and consumption.
The training offers a strong foundation knowledge about applications and advances in protective relaying that is very useful in planning, operating, and managing electric power systems.

This course will enhance the understanding and increase competencies for:
     • Design Engineers
     • Project and/or Construction Engineer
     • Utility and/or Maintenance Engineer
     • PEE, REE or graduate of Electrical Engineering

     A. Power System Protection
          • Review on Fault Calculations
          • Feeder Protection
          • Time Overcurrent
          • Instantaneous Overcurrent
          • Directional Overcurrent
          • Example Calculations
     B. Power System Protection 2
          • Differential Protection
          • Transformer Differential
          • Generator Differential
          • Bus Differential
     C. Power System Protection 3
          • Line Protection
     D. Power System Protection 4
          • System Grounding
          • Generator Protection
     E. General
          • Protection requirements
          • Protection zones
          • Primary and backup protection
          • Fault Discrimination
          • Protective Relay Performance
          • Information Application
          • Per unit Calculation Review


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