Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making

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Problem Solving and Decision Making is an indispensable skill in the workplace. This is a skill that cannot always be replaced by machines as some require creativity and ingenuity. However, there are also some predictable and logical steps that one can take in order to be successful in managing problems and coming up with decisions. The module shall attempt to provide you with tools that you can use in order to come up decisions and solutions when solving issues both at work and outside. There will also be a workshop on critical thinking to help participants have a thinking framework when faced with complex issues.
I – Understanding a Problem
    A.What is a Problem
    B.Classifying Problems
    C.Different Approaches to Problems
II – The Problem Solving Tools
    A.The Problem Solving Model
        1.Problem Identification
        2.Decision Making
    B.Tools for Critical Thinking
        1.Mind Mapping and Flow Charts
        2.Five Why’s
        3.Force-Field Analysis
        4.Cause and Effect Diagram
        5.Failure Mode Effects Analysis
        6.Thinking Hats
III – Decision Making
    A.Defining a Decision
        1.Types of Decision
        2.Ingredients for a Good Decision
        3.Conditions for Decision Making
    B.Barriers to Good Decision Making
    C.Steps in Decision Making
    D.Strategies for Decision Making
        1.Three Question Technique
        2.Kepner-Tregoe Method
        3.The Decision Tree


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