Substation Maintenance: Power Transformer Diagnostic Testing and Maintenance

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 12-hour practical course provides you with methods and procedures used internationally in maintaining and testing power transformers in substations. This course will be discussing the difference and importance of Predictive, Periodic and Condition based maintenance in transformer; that may help maintenance personnel in planning and executing maintenance programs in power transformers. The course will also be focusing on the basic theoretical concept of transformers, how they are manufactured and know different part to maintain. The course will teach attendees to conduct correct testing procedures, what test to perform, evaluation of test data versus international guidelines and mitigation of findings. The course content does not include intensive DGA (dissolved gas analysis) and oil tests evaluation.

In this technical training, participants will be guided on how to become a knowledgeable maintenance engineer and improve his knowledge based on international standards to safely maintain and prolong power transformers in their respective fields.

This course will enhance the understanding and increase competencies for:
     A. Engineers & technicians in the utilities handling substation maintenance
     B. Engineers and electricians in commercial and industrial maintenance
     C. Electrical consultants and designers and electrical project managers
     D. Electrical engineering graduates who would like to be test engineers and Technicians for substation

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
     A. Discuss basic transformer theoretical fundamentals.
     B. Know different parts of the transformer, what to look and what to maintain
     C. Know different international standards used for evaluating transformer test results.
     D. When to execute transformer maintenance and diagnostic testing-in timely manner.
     E. Enumerate basic oil and transformer testing methodology protocol.
     F. Know different testing methodologies and correct testing procedures.
     G. Identify and evaluate obtained results
     I. Discuss test results and know basic corrections in findings

DAY 1 (6 hours)
I. Power Transformer Theory:
     A. Introduction
     B. Theory of Operation
     C. Electromagnetism
     D. Magnetic Circuits
     E. Classification of Transformers
     F. Losses in Transformers
     G. Performance Tests
     H. Basic Insulation System
     I. Transformer Rating
     J. Transformer Connections
II. Power Transformer Parts and Maintenance
     A. Types of Power Transformer
     B. Major and minor components
     C. Basic maintenance, what to look, test and maintain
     D. Indicators and alarms
     E. Cooling classifications
     F. Nameplate information
     G. Periodic, Predictive and Condition Based Maintenances
     H. Types of Maintenance done in a power transformer
     I. Types of diagnostic tests done in a power transformer
III. Theory and Procedures for Transformer Electrical Test
     A. Insulation Power Factor Test
     B. Insulation Resistance Test
     C. Transformer Turns Ratio Test
     D. Winding Resistance Test
     E. Special Test Topics
          i. Excitation Test
          ii. Bushing IPF Test
     F. Impedance Test
          i. SFRA Test
          ii. DGA and Oil Quality Test  
     G. New technologies in diagnostic testing

DAY 2 (6 hours)
IV. HANDS-ON: Power Transformer Testing
     A. Actual hands on testing
          i. Insulation Power Factor
          ii. Excitation Current
     B. Safety procedures in conducting electrical tests
          i. Insulation Resistance
          ii. Winding Resistance
     C. Transformer Turns Ratio
     D. Evaluation and presentation of findings
     E. Case studies
     F. Question and Answer






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Comprehensive Power Transformer Preventive Maintenance

Course Duration: 2 Days

The 2-day course (16 hours) will focus on the Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Transformers. A basic understanding of a transformer and its construction will be discussed, and the theories of the electrical test to be performed. Proper procedures on testing will also be discussed on the first day. All procedures will be based on the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). On the second day, safety and testing procedures will be implemented before hands on training. Testing of power transformer will be performed.


The objective of this seminar is to inform the participants of the importance of preventive maintenance of power transformers, its major components, and to guide them on the testing and evaluation of results of the power transformer.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to: 

  • Explain different types of transformer
  • Know the major parts of a transformer
  • Discuss the nameplate data
  • Know the safety procedures in preventive maintenance of transformer
  • Discuss the electrical testing performed on transformers
  • Evaluate electrical test results gathered
  • Knowledge in present technologies in preventive maintenance of transformer


Classroom discussion and hands-on training

Topics to be Discussed:


  1. Introduction
  2. What is a transformer
    • History
    • Principle
    • Types and Design
    • Construction
    • Cooling Classification
  • Components and Indicators
    • Major Components
    • Indicators, Alarms
  1. Nameplate
    • Nameplate data
  2. Importance of Preventive Maintenance of Power Transformer
  3. Theory and Procedures for Transformer Electrical Test
    • Visual Inspection
    • Insulation Power Factor Test
    • Insulation Resistance Test
    • Transformer Turns Ratio Test
    • Winding Resistance Test
  • Special topics
    • Excitation Test
    • Impedance Test
    • SFRA Test
    • DGA and Oil Quality Test

DAY 2:

  1. Safety procedures in Testing
  2. Hands on Power Transformer Testing (As per ASTM NETA Guidelines)
    • Insulation Power Factor Test
    • Transformer Turns Ratio Test
    • Winding Resistance Test
    • Insulation Resistance Test with P.I.
  • Evaluation of Results
  1. New technologies in testing