PHRG Pursues Its Aim at A.I.M. Makati

The Philippines HR Group has just held its second learning session for 2017 last 24th of June at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati. We can recall that aside from building the largest HR network in the country, the organization aims to provide its online members an access to value but cost effective education to enhance the HR leadership and practice in the country. This event is another milestone in the public learning sessions of the PHRG. This session’s topic was Talent Management and Organizational Development. Recalling the previous sessions in April, Mr. Darwin Rivers has highlighted that the core members and volunteers work on the advocacy out of the love of the Human Resource profession. Despite not receiving any monetary compensation for their work, they have truly delivered in this session just like every other. The speakers were Ms. Michelle Garcia-Cordero, Ms. Penny Bongato, Mr. Edwin Ebreo, Ms. Daphne Granfil and our very own Managing Director, Mr. Philip Nucleus Sia I.

June 24 Event

Ms. Michelle Garcia-Cordero started the session with a talk about Disruptive Innovation. She highlighted that the current generation should not be thinking out of the box, instead totally remove the box. She described disruptive innovation as that which creates market and value network and eventually disrupts existing markets and value networks, displacing market-leading firms, products, and alliances.  She spoke about work that were not existing 10 years ago that are highly demanded in today’s business world. She also said that there are more new opportunities as we change the meaning of work from a place we go to into something that more integrated to our daily lives.

Ms. Penny Bongato discussed the different facets of employee engagement. She said that we can engage our employees by making them enjoy what they do. People need to believe in what they can do and feel valued for it. Ms. Bongato said that engaging people means making them feel satisfied. As people are the biggest drivers for success in a company, she discussed that there are six critical levels to address in order to engage them. These are: Engagement Surveys and Analysis, Coaching and Performance, Employee Communication, Learning and Careers, Rewards and Recognition, and Health and Well-Being.

The next speaker Mr. Edwin Ebreo focused on the right mindset toward Training and Development. He stated that while most companies have training programs and may even outsource training services, they see it as a commodity that they can readily buy. However, he encourages that companies and HR take a look at the bigger picture. For instance, he stated there were companies who request for customer service training for the frontline staff but does not involve their managers in the undertaking. Mr. Ebreo encouraged the HR professionals to include the leaders in such because transformation can only be achieved when the leaders support it and know it as much as the rank and file.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Philip Nucleus “Nuke” Sia I, was the next speaker and he talked about how to measure training programs. He discussed the “Four Levels of Training Evaluation” that was developed by Donald Kirkpatrick. Afterward, he also gave the crowd an overview on measuring training and making proposals using ROI. He provided a sample scenario on how to compute ROI. While he said that there are times that we may not need to measure ROI, he ended his session by highlighting that if we truly want to consider training as an “investment” when presenting it to managers, businessmen, and investors, it has to be measured in the same way that we do any other investment – by the returns it gives to the company.


Ms. Daphne Granfil ended the session with a bang. She did a full training hour complete with some musical intermissions and activities to liven up the crowd. She discussed how to present a training proposal to decision makers. She said that one important way of doing it is by presenting it as a story. According to her, communicating your proposal isn’t just about your idea. It is also about how you make other people see its worth. Ms. Granfil said that preparation is the key in communicating your idea.

The Philippines HR Group is in the process of collating feedback gathered from the participants during the event but, even before they could, email has already poured in from the HR community thanking the group for the valuable session they have conducted this 24th of June. To further forward its aims and advocacies, the Philippines HR group will hold another learning session this coming 22nd of September and will have its 2nd Annual HR Summit on November. The specific date for the summit has not been announced yet, but its founder, Mr. Darwin Rivers has said that they will release the information as soon as it is available.

Aside from the learning, there were raffle items from the sponsors and souvenir shirts available near the registration booth. It was a great opportunity to learn, meet new friends, and connect with others in the HR community. If you have not been part of this learning session and would like to be part of the next, you may contact the Philippines HR Group through facebook or email (


PHRG Launches Quarterly Learning Sessions by Ely Joy Abenio

Philippines Human Resource Group held its first-ever learning session entitled “Strategies on Prominent Labor and Employee Related Issues for 2017” last March 25, 2017 at Ortigas library, Pasig city. The event gathered different HR gurus and experts that included Atty. Marisa Garcia, Atty. Jericho del Puerto, Mr. Allan Canete and Mr. Jaime Estrada to share their insights and knowledge about the current HR issues.

At the beginning, Mr. Darwin Rivers, founder of PHRG, welcomed the delegates with a quote, “Being successful is having the right mindset”. He then shared milestones in the history of PHRG; where it started off as a Yahoo group but now has 43,076 strong members in Facebook.

“Harmonious labor relationship and motivated workforce is equal to productivity, profitability and better terms and conditions,” Atty. Marisa Garcia said. Our first speaker, Atty. Marisa Garcia discussed the importance of HR personnel as a bridge between employees and management, furthermore, she added that, “a real HR knows the laws and has a heart”. Later on, “Penalty must commensurate to the offense”, Atty. Jericho del Puerto said during his talk. Atty. Puerto’s lecture supported Atty. Marisa Garcia where he talked about the avoidance of illegal dismissal and that penalty of dismissal has to be justified before doing so.

Before second part of the event, excitement heated up as the speakers entertained questions from the delegates, Ms. Penny Bongato, Success mentor and trainer also sharedsome HR insights based on her experiences.“What if there is ‘no return to work’ filed and employee doesn’t return?” one of the delegates asked. Atty. Garcia and Atty. del Puerto answered that you cannot file any dismissal against the employee because there is no documentation.

As the seminar continued, Mr. Allan Canete, the third speaker, said that, “union is a symptom of a deep organizational dysfunction”. He gave pieces of advice not on how to avoid union but to promote an employee-centric environment. He added that “before you can be customer-centric, you have to be employee-centric”.
“There’s no forever but for me, HR is forever”, Mr. Jaime Estrada said. He imparted his experiences as seasoned HR mentor and how he was able to maintain the harmony in their organization by giving an importance to culture, and that culture is the one that binds us.

Mr Danny Pancho entertained questions after the last two speakers. One of the delegates asked about engagement activities. “The team building should be relevant to the problem. It’s not just for fun. It should be aligned to business directions, focused on the mechanics” Mr. Allan Canete replied. Another question was raised from the delegates was, “what advice can you give for a young HR professional?” where Mr. Jaime Estrada replied, “Don’t stop learning, it’s not a matter of fad or fashion – show to people that HR is a noble profession”

The 1st leg of the Philippines HR Group Quarter Learning Sessions 2017 ended successfully – from the choice of venue to invited speakers, everything was arranged accordingly. Speakers were more than ready to attend to the queries of the delegates and their field of expertise perfectly matched to the current HR issues. The PHRG learning session was an interactive session where delegates can openly ask questions and speakers will gave answers based on the updated labor laws. “Cliché as it may seem but this is the turning point of your career” Ms. Rhonadale Florentino, secretary of the PHRG said as she closes the event. This is only the beginning of PHRG’s mission to share HR knowledge and build networks through its learning sessions. If you have not taken part on this event last March, never miss the opportunity to grab your seats on PHRG’s 2nd learning session this coming April 8 2017. One HR, one voice!

If you would like to see snapshots of what happened in this event, please watch the video below.