Time and Stress Management Workshop

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When stressed, an individual’s performance drops. His productivity lowers. His health suffers. When employees are stressed, it may result to poor business performance. With our Time and Stess Management Module, you can help employees increase their stress thresholds as they learn to understand stress and why it can affect them.

One of the major sources stress would be deadlines and ineffective management of time. Because of this, the module covers topics in managing time effectively. This way, you can minimize your stress in managing deadlines and you can lead your way to a productive work day every time.
Module 1: Understanding Stress
   A. Statement of Course Objectives
   B. What is Stress?
   C. Facts About Stress (The interesting Ones)
   D. What are the Types of Stress? Eustress Vs Distress
Module 2: Your Stress – Doing Something About It
   A. Stress Self Check (Activity)
      1. Our Daily Stressors (Discussion of Some Day-to-Day Stress Sources)
      2. Burn Out VS Rust Out – Reactions to Stress (Activity)
   B. Adapting to Stress (Coping Styles)
   C. Activity: Creating A Stress Management Plan
   D. Lifestyle Changes
      1. Laughter
      2. Accessing Social Support
      3. Deep Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, and Yoga
      4. Exercise
      5. Sleep
      6. Balanced Diet
Module 3: Time Management
   A. Statement of Course Objectives
   B. What is time Management?
   C. Why do we need to manage time?
Module 4: Taking Action
   A. Biorhythms
   B. Procrastination
   C. Prioritization
   D. Effective Activity Planning
   E. Workspace Management
   F. Managing Daily Interruptions
   G. Delegation
   H. Debrief and Final Activities


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