Loan Compliance – Role of Accountant on Tax & Compliance Transformation

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BACKGROUND: Tax and Compliance is one of the most common concerns of businesses and business owners. Unfortunately, there are so many tax regulations and updates that business owners was not aware of, and employees in charge of tax and compliance don’t have the practice and skills of interpreting complicated tax regulations and unknowingly violate the code and regulations. As a result, Companies are being charged with interests, penalties and other unnecessary charges because of non-compliance. These unnecessary charges caused some companies to turn into corruption, bribing tax authorities, in order to lessen the amount of penalties and charges. The impact and influence of knowing the tax laws and updates, and understanding how to correctly interpret and apply it is very relevant and impactful that continuous training and study on updates by Accountants is a must and should be required.


•To be informed and understand the future of the Philippine Tax System, its direction and our preparedness to such direction.

•To be conscious of the law and recent tax decisions

•To learn to trust the Philippine Tax System and uphold compliance as a strategy for long-term cost, savings and value-adding measure

•To appreciate Taxation in the Philippines in a timely and engaging way.


•Lending vs Funding

•Data Privacy for Lending Companies

•Truth in Lending Act

•Loan Compliance Checklist

•Intercompany Loans: Accounting and Tax Consequences

•Loan Proceed: Taxable or not

•Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 62-2016

•RA 9474

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