Basic Leadership and Supervisory (from Rank and File to Supervisor)


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DURATION: 6 Hours (Two 3-hour Sessions)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Leadership has always been an important aspect of work and people relations, so when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, this has become more important than ever. So what does this challenge require? This requires leaders who are able to adapt and lead people toward the new normal. Learning how to lead becomes more important. While we can still rely on some time-tested principles, we will also introduce some mindsets that may be unique to the need to the current time.

In this module, we will explore principles that can help us navigate this journey. We will attempt to understand how to influence people, coach them, and develop their skills. We will also identify their differences in communication styles and know how to respond as a leader. We will explore how coaching can empower people and help them feel a sense of accountability in what they do especially at times when we work from home or could not always directly see our employees. The approach shall be loosely based on some concepts from the “7 Habit of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, but we shall have it tailored to the Filipino experience. We will also have a discussions about communicating change.


  • To discuss the definition of leadership and supervision
  • To identify the role of a leader.
  • To discuss pro-activeness and why a leader should have it.
  • To discuss the changes it requires to step up and become a leader.
  • Identify the different communication styles.
  • Enumerate the key steps in coaching an individual.
  • Discuss Change and Your Role as a Leader

METHODOLOGY: This course is an instructor-led session that shall be facilitated through Zoom. The session shall be interactive. The facilitator shall solicit participation from the attendees. For optimum participation and learning experience, we suggest that participants join the session with a laptop or desktop. A mobile phone is okay, too, albeit with limited interaction options. To optimize your experience, it will be good if you have a working mic and camera installed or built-in to your device. For your internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE).


  • Defining Leadership and Supervision
  • Types of Leaders
  • Managing Perceptions and the EBA
  • Lessons on Proactiveness
  • Locus of Control – Knowing What You Can and Cannot Do
  • Paradigm Growth: Changing to a Leader’s Mindset
  • People and Communication
  • Coaching Employees
  • Navigating Changes
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