Leadership and Supervision Workshop


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All companies require good leaders to steer their business into the right decisions. Leaders need to be a person of influence, not just an authority that employees fear. Front line leaders or supervisors have a huge impact in the delivery of results. This training helps empower our leaders and provide them with the know-how in self-coaching and coaching others as well. There is a segment that helps leaders make decisions based on what most.
This course provides interactive discussions and activities about how to take the next step and make big decisions. It allows new leaders to start with a fresh idea on how to manage their team. It also gives a clearer understanding of where their place is in the business and how they can influence people. This workshop also allows seasoned leaders to revisit their perspectives and see a holistic and balanced approach in handling varying business situations. It provides insights on how you can make intelligent decisions to lead a team effectively and efficiently.

Any new leaders who would like to learn new ways of managing their teams.Coaching
Seasoned supervisors who would like to learn new approaches in managing their teams.
Aspiring leaders who would like to learn how it is to handle a team.

I – Course Introduction
     A. Understanding One’s Values and the Business Values
     B. Knowing One’s Place in the Business
     C. Knowing How to Effectively Supervise Others
     D. Understanding Change Management

II. Aligning Me to my Company
       1. Circles of Control
       2. Face Time (Moments of Truth)
       3. My mind set and my subordinates
       4. Leadership Qualities
III. Setting Goals and Expectations
       1. SMART Goals
       2. Setting Expectations
       3. The Ingredients for good performance
       4. Coaching and mentoring
       5. Aspects of Coaching
IV. Influential Leadership Behavior
       1. The Learning Cycle
       2. Building Commitment (Levels of Commitment)
       3. Directing and Supporting


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