The Leadership Development Training Series (2018)

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Our Leadership Development Training Series is designed to provide a cost-effective yet high-quality program for your leaders. It is not just one leadership training session, but 8 sessions that are spread throughout a period of 8 months. Compared to other public training programs that provide generic content, our LDTS (Leadership Development Training Series) attempts to incorporate some aspects of your business in the workshops we provide when you register.

This development training series include activities, workshops, multi-media, and interactive discussions to ensure a fully engaged class. Your employees will leave the seminar not only with new knowledge, but also with a new motivation to apply what they have learned in their everyday work. COMPETAD’s approach in learning focuses not only in developing the skills of its participants, but also in encouraging a sense of excitement so they can turn their learning to action. We understand that great performance is not just about knowing how to do it, it is also about practice having the right attitude.
To have insight into your individual learning, a pre-test and post-test is also conducted for each session. This will assess how much learning our participants acquire per topic. Assignments may also be provided to ensure application at the work place as well as retention of the concepts and principles used during the training.
The LDTS is a perfect solution not only for those individuals who want to invest in their own learning, but also companies who would like to support a continuous growth for their employees.
HOW is it different. The programs have a general outline which provides an overview about the topic that will be covered. There will also be a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) questionnaire to be filled out by the participants not more than 20 days before the actual session, which will help us uncover their personal challenges in the areas to be discussed. This will allow COMPETAD to provide a more tailored approach for the during workshop. Since participants may come from different industries, they will gain knowledge and insight into other industries too, which makes a more enriching experience.
There are 8 main topics for the leadership series. These topics are found below. You may click on the topic for more details.
Module 1: Leadership and Supervision Workshop – 20 Apr 2018
Module 2: Time and Stress Management – 11 May 2018
Module 3: Meeting and Email Management Workshop – 8 Jun 2018
Module 4: Managing Teams and Diversity – 13 Jul 2018
Module 5: Systematic Problem Solving and Decision Making – 13 Aug 2018
Module 6: Managing Up (Managing Your Manager) – 14 Sep 2018
Module 7: Influential Coaching Techniques – 19 Oct 2018
Module 8: Navigating Change – 19 Nov 2018
Learning Investment:
Each course is worth Php 2,999.00 when you register separately but you can get almost 20% discount when you register for all 8 courses. Complete your registration on or before 22 March 2018 and you will be able to get all 8 courses for the learning investment of only Php19,999. Your learning investment is inclusive of your training kit, meals and snacks during the seminar, and some freebies. At the end of each session, your participant will receive a certificate of attendance. When they complete all 8 sessions, they will also receive a separate certificate of completion for the COMPETAD Leadership Development Training Series.

Registration Instructions: 

1. Fill out the registration form by clicking the link on top of this page. You may also download the MS Word attachment send it to
2. Our admin team shall send you shortly the Statement of Account/Confirmation of registration. Sign the statement of account to conform and finalize your registration and email the soft copy.
3. Follow the instructions in the statement of account and complete your payment.
4. Send the scanned copy of the Statement of Account and your deposit slip.
5. Should you need an official Billing Invoice, please call us at (02) 4333342 or click here for alternative numbers.

What is the LDTS program?
The LDTS program is a unique program that aims to provide a tailored series workshop for new and seasoned leaders who would like to enhance their leadership skills, learn, and have fun, too.
Can I just select one or two programs that I would like to attend in the Leadership Development Training Series and not get the entire series?
Yes. The programs are still open to public registrations. Anyone who would like to attend specific programs may do so by registering in our online forms for individual programs. You may also click the register link in the training program’s landing page at the COMPETAD website. Regular rates will apply for single training program registrations.
Will I have to pay one-time for all 8 programs?
Yes. By registering in all 8 programs, you shall receive a premium discounted rate. For further inquiries, special arrangement, or information, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists at (02)4333342.
Can I do installments for the payments?
Yes, you may. Regular rates of Php2999 per session shall apply for these installments. Once you complete your fourth session at a regular rates, you may request for a 10% discount on your next sessions. Discounts apply only upon request.
I will be registering several employees from our company. Can I get a special discount?
The rates for the LDTS are already discounted. Discounts offered by COMPETAD may not be used in conjunction with other discounts. However, for 8 participants and up, please contact our sales and training specialist at (02)4333342 or (0998)5624984 to 85 so we can help you further. You may also email us at
What if one of the schedules in the series is in conflict with mine and I fail to attend it, will my payment be reimbursed?
While payments may not be reimbursed, you may attend a similar topic that is scheduled on a different date or you may elect someone to attend in your place. If you do not have an alternate and no similar topic is offered, you may consult with our specialists to see if you can instead attend other sessions outside of the LDTS program. We are unable to provide guarantee for approval of such requests but we will do our best to accommodate you.
COMPETAD reserves the rights to provide any goodwill gesture or discounts for you in such or any other instances. You may contact us to let us know about any schedule conflicts at least two days before the training date.