Grounding Design with Hands on Exothermic Welding

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In this module, In this module, the participant will going to learn the importance of proper grounding grid design and to guide them to proper way of exothermic welding process.

At the end of the module, the participants shall:
*Explain the importance of proper Grounding design for the commercial, industrial and electric utilities.
*Know the proper sizing of Grounding conductor
*Know the safety procedures for exothermic welding
*Evaluate the grounding test results.
*Can asses if exothermic welding connection are good.

Who Should Attend:

This course will enhance the understanding and competencies of
•Engineers, technicians in the utility, substation maintenance crew and substation tenders.
•Engineers, technicians in commercial and industrial field that maintains substation.
•Project Engineers

Course outline:

    1. Review in Fault Calculation
    2. Grounding Design Procedure
      1. Field Data Needed
      2. Grounding Conductor Sizing
      3. Touch and Step Voltage Criteria
      4. Initial Design
      5. Grid Resistance Computation
      6. Grid current
      7. Ground Potential Rise
      8. Calculation of Design Mesh Voltage
      9. Comparison of Design Mesh Voltage with the touch potential
      10. Calculate the design step voltage
      11. -Detailed design for the grounding grid
    3. Proper Procedure of Driving ground rod
    4. Exothermic Welding Procedure
    5. Hands on driving ground rod and exothermic welding (Grounding cable and Ground rod termination


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