Effective Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Course Description:

The Purchasing and Supply Chain Management program will show you the integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow, and distribution, from raw materials to finished products. Topics such as developing a corporate culture, working successfully with teams, developing and implementing successful people management strategies, and workflow and performance management will be explored in this learning session. You’ll also learn the purchasing management process, including, vendor & materials management.. . and recognize the impact you have on the financial side of your business. The art of negotiation is covered in great detail, giving you a foundation for negotiating with great awareness and effectiveness.

Benefits From Attending this Learning Session:

  1. Become a More Efficient and Productive Buyer
  2. Increase Buyer’s contribution to the organization’s Bottom Line and Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  3. Improve the Services Provided by your Suppliers through More Effective Negotiations and Planning
  4. Find Out How to Select and Qualify Suppliers


Learning Session Outline:

Session 1: Essentials of Purchasing

  1. Introduction and Overview
    b. Interdependencies of Purchasing
    c. Purchasing and Financial Statements
    d. Purchasing Administration
    e. Global Sourcing

Session 2: The Supply Chain Process

  1. Introduction
    b. Acquisition of Goods and Services
    c. Quantity and Demand
    d. Planning Process
    e. Material Planning Tools

Session 3: The Procurement Process

  1. Introduction and Overview
    b. Elements of Supplier Selection
    c. Supplier Evaluation
    d. The Bidding Process
    e. Summary of the Procurement Process

Session 4: Negotiating Strategies

  1. Introduction
    b. Steps in Negotiating
    c. Tools in Negotiating
    d. Types of Negotiations
    e. Personality Types
    f. Preparing for Negotiations

Session 5: Price and Cost Analysis

  1. Introduction
    b. Pricing Evaluation
    c. Use of Data
    d. Strategic Cost Analysis
    e. Timing and Outsourcing

Session 6: Supplier Contracting

  1. Introduction
    b. General Contract Principles
    c. General Contract Principles Continued
    d. Contract Drafting
    e. Types of Purchasing Contracts