Microsoft Excel for Payroll

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To employees, payday is always an important day. Providing pay and salaries on time and calculating pay and taxes and other statutory deductions accurately is essential to maintain morale and performance of the staff. Armed with basic payroll information and Microsoft Excel, you can create your own payroll worksheets.

After this training, you will be able to:
     A. Know the fundamental Elements of a Payroll Spreadsheet
     B. Learn Step-by-Step Payroll Process
     C. Create Advanced Excel built-in formulas and Use Advanced Excel Features that
     D. Creates Dynamic Employee List and Payroll Sheet that Expands and Contracts as Name of Employee is Added or Removed
     E. Calculates Salary Withholding Tax and Philhealth Employee/Employer Premiums
     F. Extracts SSS Employee/Employer Premiums from SSS Table
     G. Summarizes the SSS and Pag-ibig Loan Balances and Reflects the Due Amount if the Loan is not yet fully paid in the Payroll Sheet           automatically
     H. Create Payslip Automatically

I. Module 1 – Fundamental Elements of Payroll Spreadsheet
     A. Employee Record
     B. SSS, Philhealth and Withholding Tax Tables
     C. Regular and Overtime Days/Hours Worked
     D. Allowances and Other Benefits
     E. Deductions

II. Module 2 – Step-by-Step Payroll Process
     A. Checking and Updating Employee Records
     B. Setting Up SSS, Philhealth and Withholding Tax Tables
     C. Encoding Daily Time Records
     D. Encoding Allowances and Other Benefits
     E. Encoding Deductions

III. Module 3 – Advanced Features and Excel Built-in Formulas
     A. Table
          i. Table Features that You Can Use to Manage Table Data
          ii. Elements of an Excel Table
          iii. Application of Table features in Creating Employee Records that Expands and Contracts as You Add or Remove Employee
          iv. Application of Table features in Creating Payroll Sheet that Expands and Contracts as You Add or Remove Employee
     B. IF Function
          i. Use
          ii. Components
          iii. Application in Philhealth Employee/Employer Premiums Computation
     C. SUMIFS Function, Advanced Filter and Macro Recorder
          i. Use
          ii. Components
          iii. Application in Summarizing SSS and Pag-ibig Loans (Subsidiary Ledgers)
          i. Use
          ii. Components
          iii. Application in SSS Employee/Employer Premiums Computation
          iv. Application in Salary Withholding Tax Computation
          v. Application in Creating Payslip Automatically


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Microsoft Excel Training with Hands-on

Course Description:

In today’s fast-paced, technical business environment, numbers are everything. Much of our success hinges on how well we can manage the data – statistics, planning, reporting – that we encounter on a daily basis. We learn how we are doing and discover our next course of action by studying numbers. An incredibly powerful tool for doing this is Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both the business world and personal use.

Course outline:

I – Navigating the Excel Program

  1. Parts of the excel program/the screen and basic terminologies
  2. Using Your Mouse and Keyboard
  3. Using the Menu
  4. Entering Values in Your Worksheet
  5. Saving and Reopening Your File
  6. Different Views
  7. Print Preview

II – Formatting

  1. Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
  2. Adjusting the Printing Setup
  3. Adjusting Rows and Columns
  4. Merging Cells
  5. Boarders
  6. Colors and Patterns / Fill / Fonts
  7. Using the Format Painter
  8. Formatting Cell Values

III – Managing Your Worksheet

  1. Switching Between WorkSheets
  2. Inserting and deleting A Worksheet
  3. Renaming A WorkSheet
  4. Protecting a WorkSheet
  5. Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets
  6. Splitting and Freezing A Window
  7. Managing g Your Page Breaks

IV – Editing a Workbook

  1. Entering Date Values
  2. Replacing Cell contents
  3. How to Cut, Copy, Paste Cells
  4. Paste Special Option
  5. Inserting Cells
  6. Deleting Cells (rows and Columns)

V – Formulas

  1. Understanding Basic Formula
  2. Most Used Formulas
  3. Troubleshooting Formulas

VI – Charts and Graphs

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