Manners Matters (Business Etiquette and Managing Your Image)



When dealing with clients and officemates, we are expected to be at our best demeanor. We are also expected to dress well for office events and even in our day-to-day engagement. As employees, we reflect the image of our company. Manners Matters discusses the important things you need to know in managing your image and in business etiquette. This module shall provide employees with that professional presence and comparative advantage in any usual facets of business. It is designed for those who want to polish and add finesse to their etiquette skills and improve their professional rapport with anyone.


With our Business Etiquette training program, you will:
     * Prepare professionals to project a positive, confident, professional image at all times.
     * Make your employees effectively and positively represent your company and your brand.
     * Learn the proper use of mobile phones/smart phones.
     * Learn to deal with business engagements with ease and confidence
     * Be able to use your social media accounts with purpose.


I – Introduction to Manners

II – Office Decorum

     A. Dressing and Accessorizing appropriately
     B. Image Management
     C. First Impressions Last
     D. Posture, body language, and hand gestures
     E. What Makes Up Your Image
     F. Identifying your body shape
     G. Size, proportions, and visual challenges
     H. Ideal colors and shapes
     I. Good Grooming
     J. Hair, makeup, and personal grooming issues
     K. Hair/makeup/visual tips
     L. Basic Skincare for Men and WOMEN

III- Hello Hello

A. Telephone Etiquette
B. Cellphone Etiquette
C. Email Etiquette

IV – Professional Business Etiquette

A. Business Card Etiquette
B. Employee Etiquette
C. Employer/Management/Officer Etiquette
D. Office Pantry/Kitchen etiquette
E. Toilet Etiquette
F. Social Media Etiquette

V – Street Smart
A. Manners at the mall
B. Manners everywhere