Basic Power Plant Maintenance


COURSE OUTLINE              


Power plant maintenance is performed to maintain power plants which includes the following activities including inspections, maintenance, and repairs for all the assets used throughout a power plant. It is crucial for safety and preserving the longevity of energy plant assets.

It is essential to ensure the safety of personnel at the plant and to keep all of the assets and infrastructure in good working condition.


  • To review what are the different types of power plants and how they work
  • To identify different types of electrical assets in a power plant
  • To learn maintenance strategies for different electrical assets in a power plant
  • To create a power plant maintenance plan
  • To present and discuss the created power plant maintenance plan

AM Session

  1. How power plants work
  2. Different types of power plants in the Philippines
  3. Power Plant Maintenance Planning
  4. Maintenance of electrical assets (Part 1)
    • Power plant electrical assets in
      • Substation
      • Transformer Yard
      • MV Switchgears
      • LV Switchgears
    • Maintenance strategy for different electrical assets
      • Safety Awareness
      • Routine maintenance tests for electrical assets in:
        1. Substation
        2. Transformer Yard
        3. MV Switchgears
        4. LV Switchgears
        5. Case Study

PM Session

  1. Maintenance of electrical assets (Part 2)
    1. Transformer Oil
      1. Kinds and Functions of Insulating Oil/Liquid
      2. Contributing Factors for Oil Deterioration
      3. Oil Sampling
      4. Oil Testing
      5. Case Study
    2. Ways to improve power plant planning
    3. Group Activity:
      1. Create a Power Plant Maintenance Plan
    4. Presentation of Power Plant Maintenance Plan by the participants

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