Staff Training: A Worthwhile Investment for your Human Resource


Any business regardless of industry needs some form of training for their employees. You may require your new staff members to undertake some training which can be job specific or of general importance. This equips them with the rudimentary pieces of information they need to perform their job at an acceptable level. But as they stay longer in the company, they still need to have more training than just that.

Some companies see continuous training as a cost-generating process or function that has a small added value. To some it may be seen as a mere requirement for ISO audits. For others, it is just a day where employees get to skip regular work. For these reason, some companies get service from training providers possible without regard to the quality and appropriateness of the training they are getting. Sometimes, they put training at the bottom of the priority list. But there are a lot of reasons why HR professionals should consider training as a valuable investment for their business.

First, high-quality training provides individuals a sense of development. This means that other than improving the skills they need for their job, they feel that the company is showing a genuine commitment to progress their careers. Developing some expertise and learning new techniques motivate people to do better in their work. It also builds excitement and a sense of change, which battle rust-out. Rust out is when employees develop distaste for their work as a result of doing tasks again and again in the same manner over long periods of time. Having the feeling of development and change among your employees ensure that they have a steady flow of motivation and empowerment to perform their jobs well.

The second benefit of quality training is that it allows you to retain your employees. A recent survey showed that up to 40 percent of employees who receive poor to no training at all tend to leave and seek better opportunities within the first year. In the Philippines, the BPO community puts a lot of efforts in ensuring efficient training processes as they have seen a similar trend. Employees leave as early as within the first 6 months because the training has not been sufficient to the requirements of their job. A good training experience provides employees with the confidence to see that they can perform the expectations of their tasks over a long period of time.

Another benefit of high-quality training is an increase in yield and revenue. If you have productive individuals and you are retaining your employees, you can ascertain a higher and consistent productivity which translates to a better earning for your company. With more workers retained, the need for over-time work is less and production becomes more efficient. With less need for replacements, you can also avoid the high costs of hiring and replacing employees.

With these, we can see that despite the initial costs, training pays back your investment indeed. Every company is in need of training and there is always something that you can help your employees learn so that they can be motivated. Whether it be job specific training such as Customer Service, Communication Skills Training, Engineering Specific Courses, or a more general training like Leadership, Work-Attitude and Values Enhancement, Personal Financial Management, etc., there will always be a pool of rich learning opportunities that you can give to your employees so that they can be a better individuals employed in your company.

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