Effective Meeting and Email Management Workshop

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Most people think that meetings are very simple and that it is easy to facilitate one. It is easy to hold meetings, but to hold it efficiently and effectively is a different story. So you think you know everything about holding meetings? Those who attend meetings usually feel that their time isn’t worth it. A large number of participants do not participate in the discussions. They usually tinker their mobile devices or bring other tasks to the meeting. This ends up in an ineffective meeting that does not achieve the objectives. However, meetings can play a pivotal role in shaping the progress of a business. Therefore, it is very important to be able conduct meetings that consistently engage and excite your participants.

Another usual challenge in day-to-day office work is managing email. When not managed properly, it can cause inefficiency in our work. There is nothing worst than missing out an email from an important client or from your boss. In this module, we will also look at how you can effectively manage and prepare professional business email for your daily work. 

Are there ways to make meetings feel worth the time? Are there steps and factors to consider in order to get active participation from the crowd? Can meetings be efficient? This module explores ways on how you can make your meeting engaging, efficient, and effective. There are interesting discussions about how to properly conduct a meeting that is mixed with individual and group activities to ensure better learning retention among the participants. 
By the end of the session, the participants should be able to:
      *Know the step by step process in conducting an effective meeting.
      *Learn how to successfully manage your time during meetings.
      *Identify time-stealers during your meeting.
      *Learn how to facilitate a meeting professionally.
Business Leaders and anyone who facilitates and prepares meetings for their company, groups, or organizations.
Module 1: Understanding Meetings
    A. What is a Meeting
    B. Facts About Meeting
    C. Types of Meetings We Conduct
    D. Goals Of Meetings
Module 2: Managing Your Meetings
    A. Stages in Meeting Management
    B. Preparation of Content
    C. Preparing Your Participants
    D. Managing Your Meeting Time (And Not Exceeding)
    E. Handling Difficult Participants
    F. Your Meeting Time Stealers – And How to Keep them In-check
Module 3: Post-Meeting Administration
    A. Documenting Your Meeting
    B. Creating And Communicating Your Next Steps
    C. More About Meetings

Module 4: Email and Etiquette
    A. Getting to Know Your Email 
    B. When To Write Email
    C. Common Errors in Email  
    D. Managing Your Email: Helpful Microsoft Outlook Tips
    E. Email Do’s and Don’ts
    E. Sending Bulk (But Personalized) Email     



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