Communicating like a Leader – Positive Communication and Coaching


Course Description:

Over time, the world of the manager/supervisor has grown increasingly complex. Competitive strategy has now become increasingly global in context. Above all, managers/supervisors are now expected to be leaders, team builders, coaches, mentors and an inspiration to their staff, in addition to being decision makers and risk takers.

What resources should the manager/supervisor turn to in his/her quest to build, maintain, and develop this super hero’ status? This is the subject of this 1-day program, focused specifically to develop the coaching and mentoring capability.

Course Objectives:

  • To improve knowledge and skills on coaching & mentoring;
  • To assess the present coaching & mentoring styles and its strengths and weaknesses;
  • To identify specific ways to build a coaching & mentoring atmosphere.

Who Should Attend

Coaching and mentoring is not easy – it takes a lot of hard work and a fair amount of patience. Every supervisor/manager whose coaching and mentoring skills are not yet refined will benefit from this course.


Program Contents:


Lesson 1: Fundamentals of coaching

  • Coaching overview
  • Coaching foundation and strategy
  • Know When to Get Involved – Learn to Assess Needs
  • Learn Key Areas Where You Must Focus Most of Your Attention
  • Be Able to Explain the Difference between Bosses and Coaches

Lesson 2: Coaching diverse employees

  • Personality styles
  • Style Profile – Job Style Indicator (Evaluation & Analyzing your Style)
  • Coaching in the Filipino Corporate Culture

Lesson 3: The coaching process

  • Prepare for the Outcomes
  • How to Start and Finish Your Coaching Sessions
  • Levels of Accountability
  • Stay on Topic Even in Confusing Exchanges
  • Control Emotional Outbursts
  • Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time



Lesson 4.  Mentoring

  • Mentoring overview
  • Mentoring foundation and strategy
  • Understand the Role You are Taking in the Coaching Situation
  • Execute the Proper Referral and the Appropriate Handoff
  • Understand Your Role in the Post-Referral Process

Lesson 5. Benefits of Good Coaching and Mentoring

  • Diagnose Performance Problems
  • Correct Unproductive Behavior
  • Analyze and Correct More Serious Behavioral Problems
  • Promote Self-Development
  • Develop employee Competence
  • Create Working relationships That Are Productive
  • Increase performance and improve morale immediately after the session

Life Coaching Workshop – Introductory Course

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FB - Life Coaching



This is an introductory course for our upcoming life coaching seminars. This is the perfect opportunity to learn what it is about, and also a good chance to network with other participants.  

In today’s business environment, coaching plays a vital role due to a greater appreciation of the value of an organization’s knowledge and human capital. To achieve critical results and remain competitive, many organizations nowadays are seeing the value of coaching not only as a means to shape individual performance but also, increasingly, as a means to build broader organizational capacity. According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management, 80 percent of companies use coaching as a method to develop their managers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can use coaching to encourage their employees to sharpen their communication and interpersonal skills, develop their leadership skills, deal more effectively with conflict, and learn how to motivate their employees. Because of this, coaching needs to be seen as a type of investment in the knowledge capital of the organization, and that employees are like a portfolio of talent in which the manager needs to invest time and energy. Through coaching, managers help each employee focus on developing those capabilities that will contribute most to both individual and organizational success.


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