Business Communication – Creating memo, Agenda and email (e-Learning)

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Business writing has always been a major part of business in any type of industry. It involves the communication of information within and outside of the company with emphasis on building and maintaining positive relationships. When writing, we want to ensure that we write with brevity and diplomacy so that the receiver of the information will get the information quickly without misunderstanding. To achieve this, we need to make sure that we have a professional format and that we know how to write sentences clearly. Up to eighty percent of written communication in the workplace here in the Philippines are in English. This becomes a challenge to some of us because it is a second language. However, if we can write simply and we can still ensure that our message comes across. How can we achieve this?

In this module, we shall discuss how you can simplify your writing as well as correct some errors Filipinos commonly make when writing in English. We will talk about how to structure your sentences for maximum clarity and information retention. Then, we shall discuss some of the most common forms of business writing we encounter in the work place: Email, meeting, and agenda.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the session, we should be able to:

* Review some principles in business writing
* Discuss how to correct two of the most common errors when using English
* Use the KISS Principle in writing.
* Identify considerations in writing email, agenda, and meeting minutes.

COURSE METHODOLOGY: This course is an instructor-lead session that shall be facilitated through zoom. The session shall be interactive. The facilitator shall solicit participation from the attendees. For optimum participation and learning experience, we suggest that participants join the session with a laptop or desktop. A mobile phone is okay, too, albeit with limited interaction options. To optimize your experience, it will be good if you have a working mic and camera installed or built-in to your device.

COURSE TOPICS: Below are the main topic we shall cover:

* English as a Language in the Philippines
* Common Errors in English Filipinos Make and how to correct these
* The KISS Principle
* Email Communications – Its Parts and Rules of Etiquette
* Effectively Creating Your Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes