Basic Face Make-Up Seminar


Basic Face Make Up


Looking professional and neat is one of the very important aspects of work-life. Your image and the way you look have a big impact in your success, thus the term “Dress for success.” Make-up is essential in the way you dress and the way people see you. Some professionals struggle with applying make-up and it is very easy to go wrong and look less-appealing when you make a mistake in applying your make up. Knowing the proper way of applying your make up is a great way to build a good impression. So whether you are up for an evening party or just in need of finding a more natural and clean daily look, it is important to know how to properly glam up and style.

You will learn the art of applying make-up when you enroll in this 4-hour fun-filled course. You can acquire the skills you need in order to look more polished for your daily office and professional engagements. You can also know how you can glam up for that evening event at the office and look absolutely stunning. You will learn how you can also take care of your skin and how you can choose the proper products that suit you.

The course will have very interesting and interactive discussions with an informal to semi-formal vibe. There may be activities and multi-media presentations as well as demonstrations for a more visually appealing learning experience. Make-up application shall also be done during the session and there will be a quick Q&A semi-consultation at the end of the session.

Any office professionals or make-up enthusiasts who would like to learn the art of applying make-up.


I – Introduction

II- Knowing Your Make Up

A. Preparing Your Skin
B. Materials/Brushes
1. Face
2. Eyes
3. Lips
4. Brushes

C. Primers, Creams, Concealers, Powder, Bronzers, etc.

III – Applying Your Make Up (Demonstration)

IV – Make Up Looks
D. Natural Look (Daily Make Up – Casual)
E. Day to Evening

V- Make Up Stuff
A. Brush Cleaning
B. Shelf-life
C. Other Tips in Hygiene

VI – Q&A

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