Protective Relaying: Power System Protection Seminar Series

Course Duration: 2 Days

A very important part of any electric power system is Protective Relaying. While usual operations may not require its analysis, troubleshooting any unusual changes, faults, and disturbances makes a good understanding of it a necessity. Protective relaying requires specialization and knowledge of all aspects of electrical power generation from production, to distribution, and consumption.

The training offers a strong foundation knowledge about applications and advances in protective relaying that is very useful in planning, operating, and managing electric power systems.

Who Should Attend:

This course will enhance the understanding and increase competencies for:
 Design Engineers
 Project and/or Construction Engineer
 Utility and/or Maintenance Engineer
 PEE, REE or graduate of Electrical Engineering

Topics to be Discussed:

A. Power System Protection
 Review on Fault Calculations
 Feeder Protection
 Time Overcurrent
 Instantaneous Overcurrent
 Directional Overcurrent
 Example Calculations
B. Power System Protection 2
 Differential Protection
 Transformer Differential
 Generator Differential
 Bus Differential
C. Power System Protection 3
 Line Protection
D. Power System Protection 4
 System Grounding
 Generator Protection
E. General
 Protection requirements
 Protection zones
 Primary and backup protection
 Fault Discrimination
 Protective Relay Performance
 Information Application
 Per unit Calculation Review

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