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5S Seminar

June 13 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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COURSE DESCRIPTION: 5S is workplace management where the work area and workplace are organized and ritualized to minimize the loss of time and the use of movement; its principles for eliminating wasted time and unnecessary motion are universally applicable to everyone and every business.

This 5S learning session is massively effective in teaching 5S because Trainees learn what 5S is really about. 5S has only a little to do with creating a clean and tidy work area where everything is neat, nearby, and easy and fast to get to. That is indeed what you see when you go to a great 5S work-managed operation, but that is not what 5S is for.

So we do not teach learning session attendees that 5S is only about workplace management and cleanliness; rather we teach them that through their personal workplace practices, they set themselves up to do great work. They will help build a world-class operation whose products or services will attract new customers. If they use 5S well they will be creating work security for themselves and building a safer, happier work environment where people make a top-quality product every time. 5S is not about being clean, tidy, and neat; it is about doing excellent quality work all the time.

Benefits of 5S for the individual:

  • makes my workplace more pleasant
  • makes me more efficient
  • improves my safety
  • improves the quality of my work and my service
  • improves my pride and morale

Benefits of 5S for the Organization:

  • improves quality/productivity
  • reduces cost
  • makes reporting on time
  • improves morale

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to understand and immediately apply the following 5S concepts in their own workplace:

  • 5S – Sort – The first pillar of 5S helps to clearly distinguish the items needed in a work area from those no longer needed. Red tagging is the activity that eliminates these unneeded items.
  • 5S – Set In Order – The second pillar of 5S helps to keep the needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval.
  • 5S – Shine – The third pillar of 5S helps to keep work areas, all work surfaces, and equipment clean and free from dirt, debris, etc.
  • 5S – Standardize – The fourth pillar of 5S defines the standard activities, procedures, schedules, and the persons responsible for helping keep the workplace clean and organized.
  • 5S – Sustain – The last pillar of 5S drives the organization to be disciplined in maintaining these new standards and procedures and in continuously improving the 5S state of the workplace.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone in the workplace who is interested in quality application of basic good housekeeping.  There is no pre-requisite for this course.


Session 1: 5S Overview

  • 5S Basic Concepts and Theories
  • 5S Rationale
  • 5S Application and suggested Practices

Session 2: 5S and Filing Management

  • Filing and Basic Principles
  • Approaches for Effective Filing
  • Filing Challenges, Rewards and Benefits

Session 3: Shaping up the 5S Process

  • Customizing 5S Criteria
  • Managing 5S Audit
  • Reporting and Follow Through

Session 4: Championing the 5S Process

  • Challenges and Bottlenecks
  • Framework for Success
  • Best Practices and Winning Strategies

Approach & Duration:

As the trainer comes with more than thirty years of real-life corporate experience, the methodology will involve the following:

  • Individual Assessments
  • Use of participant manual/worksheets
  • Use of a combination of presentation and group activities
  • Storytelling of real-life situations
  • Interactive group discussions
  • Challenging the thinking of participants
  • Providing input to participants’ real-life situations

Case Studies- Several short case studies will be pre-circulated for participants to read and undertake some directed initial analysis.  These will be used to illustrate data analysis techniques and as a basis for group discussions.

Registration Instructions: 

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2. Our admin team shall send you shortly the Statement of Account/Confirmation of registration. Sign the statement of account to confirm and finalize your registration and email the soft copy.
3. Follow the instructions in the statement of account and complete your payment.
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June 13
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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