Adobe Photoshop CC

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Course Overview

      Adobe PhotoShop has long helped graphic designers bring their visions to life in advertisements, magazine layouts, billboards, and virtually every other medium. Wether you create images professionally or just want professional results, you can count on Adobe PhotoShop for the ultimate in creative control. At the end of this course the learner will be able to create and edit images, retouch and correct adjustments.

Course Objectives
   • Name Card • A5 Flyer / A3 Poster • Social Media Post

I. Getting Started

Introducing Photoshop
Explain the purpose of Photoshop: discuss what Photoshop can help accomplish, and identify its boundaries.

     A. Understanding digital artwork: bitmap/raster/pixel versus vector/line
     B. Understanding how Photoshop works with other software
     C. Finding your way around Photoshop
     D. Understanding key concepts

II. Managing Documents

     A. Creating new documents
     B. Working with existing documents
     C. Managing multiple documents
     D. Navigating documents
     E. Using rulers, grids and guides

III. Working with Layers

     A. Understanding how and why Photoshop uses layers
     B. Creating, duplicating, merging and deleting layers
     C. Showing, hiding, locking and linking layers
     D. Organising and grouping layers
     E. Adding creative effects to layers
     F. Working with Smart Objects

IV. Working with Shapes and Text

     A. Drawing regular and custom vector shapes
     B. Formatting shapes
     C. Adding text
     D. Formatting text

V. Painting and Erasing

     A. Painting
     B. Simulating natural media effects
     C. Replacing specific colours
     D. Erasing artwork
     E. Defining custom brushes

VI. Moving, Transforming and Resizing

     A. Moving areas of artwork
     B. Using the transform tools
     C. Understanding resolution
     D. Resizing/scaling complete documents
     E. Cropping artwork
     F. Adjusting canvas and artboard sizes
     G. Content-aware scaling

VII. Selecting and Masking

     A. Understanding selections
     B. Making selections
     C. Quick Masking
     D. Editing selections
     E. Refining selections
     F. Understanding layer masks
     G. Understanding clipping masks
     H. Saving/loading selections

VIII. Making Adjustments to Tone and Colour

     A. Making tonal adjustments
     B. Making colour adjustments
     C. Converting colour artwork to black and white
     D. Working with adjustment layers
     E. Colour adjustments using the Camera RAW filter
     F. Matching colours between documents

IX. Working with Colour

   A. Selecting colours
   B. Working with colour swatches
   C. Creating areas of flat colour
   D. Creating and working with gradients
   E. Understanding colour models
   F. Synchronising Creative Cloud’s colour settings
   G. Proofing colours

X. Retouching and Repairing

   A. Replacing one area of artwork with another
   B. Intelligently removing small blemishes
   C. Reducing red-eye
   D. Painting back previous artwork states
   E. Lighten/darken particular areas of artwork

XI. Applying Creative Effects

   A. Blurring artwork
   B. Sharpening artwork
   C. Distorting artwork
   D. Applying artistic effects

XII. Saving and Exporting

   A. Saving/exporting for print
   B. Saving/exporting for the web and other on-screen uses


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