Leadership and Supervisory Skills (Basic and Advanced)

Course Duration: 1 Day

This course provides a hefty discussion on how to take the next step and make big decisions. It allows leaders to revisit their perspectives and see a holistic and balanced approach to handling varying business situations and making decisions. It also gives a clearer understanding of where their place is in the business and how they can influence people through changes. This module also helps leaders see their role as a mentor, a counselor, a coach, and someone who inspires. 


  • To help leaders/supervisors understand their place in the business as well as how their values are important to the organization.
  • To realize the importance of looking at things one can control.
  • To learn how to set SMART Goals
  • To learn how to guide and inspire others.
  • To understand how people react to change and how leaders can deal with those reactions.
  • To learn the importance of feedback.


  • Self Assessments
  • Activities
  • Video Clips
  • Interactive Group Discussions
  • Sharing and Story-telling
  • Worksheets
  • Fun Discoveries

Who Should Attend: 

Anyone leading a team and influencing people to deliver results for their business.

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