KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON: Understanding Labor Relations from HR’s Perspective

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: One of the critical facets in Human Resources Management is Labor Relations. Effective managing of labor relations is the key in developing and sustaining harmonious relationship between the employer and employees. However, HR professionals are having challenges in handling labor issues and disputes due to various and relevant labor laws and regulations that need to consider in order to ensure just and lawful execution of the latter.

Additionally, due to differences in perspectives, it is a challenge to benchmark the best-practices in handling labor issues and disputes. Hence, the focus of this course is to know the Psychology behind handling labor relations from HR’s perspectives.

In this module, we will discuss the key concepts and principles of labor relations from HR’s perspective which includes the appropriate mindset in handling labor issues and disputes.

The learning session will start with the concepts and principles of labor relations from HR’s perspective, followed by understanding the rule on determining employee-employer relationship. After the discussion, there will be a discussion on appropriate HR’s mindset in handling labor issues and disputes attached with case study and mini-workshop. The session will wrap by providing tips on effective managing of labor relations in the workplace.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

     1. Define and explain the principles of labor relations in the workplace from HR’s perspective;
     2. Describe the role of HR in managing labor relations in the workplace;
     3. Demonstrate the appropriate mindset in handling labor issues and disputes; and
     4. Practice strategies in executing disciplinary actions in the workplace.

METHODOLOGY: Highly Interactive Discussions and Workshop, Case Study, Fun Group Learning Activities


I. Basic Principles of Labor Relations
     a. General Labor Standards
     b. Mandatory Company Policies

II. Employee-employer Relationship
     a. Employment Contract
     b. Due Process
     c. Just Causes
     d. Authorized Causes

III. HR’s Mindset in Managing Labor Issues and Disputes

IV. Managing Labor Complaints


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