CPD, COMPETAD, and the Pandemic

Almost on its seventh year of journey, COMPETAD has always advocated providing quality training for your professionals. Taking it to the next step, we were first accredited to provide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points in 2018. Every year, we met the requirements to renew our accreditation. We have always been up to the challenge! This year is no different.

With the challenge of the pandemic, we have gone from face-to-face training sessions to online sessions. It made our CPD programs challenging to facilitate. We learned and used new tools to bring valuable learning to our clients. From an efficient online platform to numerous tools that spiced up our activities. We pulled through. The PRC also implemented procedures that eased some of our challenges in renewing our accreditation.

Aside from facilitating some of our programs online, we also went to our clients physically to facilitate face-to-face training that cannot be done online. This is particularly true for technical training programs that need hands-on. We of course followed protocol. We required masks, practiced social distancing, and implemented regular sanitizing reminders during our face-to-face sessions. Some of our clients even had acrylic walls in the training rooms to ensure that we are not putting our learners at risk. We believe that we should not let the pandemic stop us from learning!

We continued to strive, not to bring continuous learning to our professionals, but to also help them with CPD earning points, which they need for renewing their license. The journey has been rocky but our purpose is stronger. We thank our clients for supporting us along the way.

So this, year, yes! We are once again accredited. We shall continue to provide you high-quality training programs to help you in your professional journey. Because here at COMPETAD, we want YOU to have the competitive advantage! If you need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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