Training and Workshops

What is this service? Our face-to-face training/workshop provides effective and proven learning for professionals. Workshops are ideally designed for classes with 15-25 participants. We tailor the programs to your needs. We encourage participation through the use of engaging activities that capture the interest of attendees. We implement adult learning principles to ensure optimum retention and recall. We have a wide array of programs that suit varying needs. For inquiries, you may contact us

Why choose us. Our training programs are unique; they answer to your specific needs. Some training programs provide a cookie-cutter approach to learning. But we understand that your needs are different based on your industry, your participant demographics, and other factors. To answer this, we coordinate with you and make use of the information you have gathered through your TNA (Training Needs Analysis) to design the program. Need help on your TNA? No worries, we can also add that to the service. Please let our staff know about it. This ensures that we address your real needs, allowing you to bridge the performance gaps more efficiently. Training programs are investments to help your business grow; and that is our goal with you. You are not just clients; you are our aspiration partner. As an aspiration partner, your company’s aspirations become ours, too. We will work with you to provide tailored training programs to help you maximize the returns from your investments.

Measuring Training Effectiveness. We implement two important training effectiveness measures based on Kirkpatrick’s Principles: Reaction and Learning. Learning is measured using a Pre-Test and Post-Test about the topics discussed during our workshop. The questions are based on the actual objectives of the training, which we coordinate with you at the start, before we design the program. The test is simple. It highlights practical information that are helpful to the participants when applied to work. Reaction allows us to identify how well the participants responded to the training. We provide our participants a set of questions that will help them assess the performance of the training such as in the delivery of the material, the methodologies used, the effectiveness of the speaker, and other important areas of the training. This allows us to have information that is valuable for improving training programs in the future. This translates to a continuous growth in the effectiveness of our partnership as we take this learning journey together.

Considerations at the time of COVID-19. We understand that continuous learning should not stop because of this pandemic. In fact, learning may be necessary so we know how to handle things in the new normal. Because of the challenges of the current time, we have limitations for our training and workshop programs. While the value and effectiveness remain, we shall have strict rules because the safety of our facilitator, assistants, and participants is top priority. These are as follows:

  1. Rooms are only able to accommodate half of normal capacity. If you have a 30-person-capacity room, we can only accommodate 13 participants (1 slot reserved for the facilitator and 1 for the training assistant).
  2. Personal Protective Gears shall be required at all times. This includes face-mask and/or face-shield. Ask our representative for assistance if you have issues securing these. We are happy to check what help we can provide to you.
  3. Sanitizing liquids, gels, and tissue paper should be prepared at the entrance of the room for use of everyone coming in.
  4. Social distancing shall be observed during the entire workshop. Activities shall also be modified to ensure that this is strictly implemented.
  5. There may be limitations and adjustments for workshops and training that will be conducted outside of Metro Manila. Our associates are happy to provide more details about this when you inquire.

If you feel that complying to these may be a challenge, you may also explore our e-Workshop Services as a learning program alternative. This provides a safe yet effective learning strategy powered by technology. You may check for other available platforms by inquiring through any of our numbers.

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