Technical and Specific Advancement Courses

We offer courses that are specific to certain professionals. We offer engineering courses at the moment and we are

Transformer Insulating Oil Analysis

This 8-hour practical course provides you with methods and procedures used internationally. This course will be discussing on predictive, periodic or condition based maintenance methodologies in oil filled power transformer maintenance. This will focus mainly on analyzing transformer insulating oils and what corrective actions can be done within the data given by the laboratory. For more details, you may also click here

Comprehensive Power Transformer Preventive Maintenance

The 2-day course (16 hours) will focus on the Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Transformers. A basic understanding of a transformer and its construction will be discussed, and the theories of the electrical test to be performed. Proper procedures on testing will also be discussed on the first day. All procedures will be based on the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). On the second day, safety and testing procedures will be implemented before hands on training. Testing of power transformer will be performed. For more details, you may click here.

Thermographic Surveying Course

Infrared thermography is one of the most valuable tools available for inspecting electrical systems. Too often, however, the use of the technology falls short of its potential full value. Why? A primary reason is our failure to understand the basic heat transfer science involved and, thus, misinterpret the thermal signature of a component possibly headed toward heat-related failure. For more details, you may click here.

Protective Relaying: Power System Protection Seminar

A very important part of any electric power system is Protective Relaying. While usual operations may not require its analysis, troubleshooting any unusual changes, faults, and disturbances makes a good understanding of it a necessity. Protective relaying requires specialization and knowledge of all aspects of electrical power generation from production, to distribution, and consumption.

The training offers a strong foundation knowledge about applications and advances in protective relaying that is very useful in planning, operating, and managing electric power systems. For more deails you may click here.

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