Policy Creation & Consultancy Services

What is this Service? Part of building the competitive advantage of your employees is making sure that your company policies are clear and simple to understand. However, creating these policies requires a lot of consideration and research. Making sure that you comply with all the requirements of the Philippine Law is not an easy task. Failure to comply on these can cost you hundreds of thousands up to millions of pesos on fine.

With our Policy Creation and Consultancy Services, we will help you build company policies that speak to your vision, mission, and values while adhering to Philippine standards such as Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH), Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH), The Labor Code of the Philippines, Other jurisprudence from the DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment), the DTI, etc.

We can help you create new policies and refine existing policies and procedures documents such as:

  1. Recruitment and On-boarding
  2. Employee Handbook/Code-of-Conduct/HR Manual
  3. Office House Rules and Regulations
  4. Payroll and Compensation Policies
  5. Policies on Bullying and FB - Policy Creation and ConsultancySexual Harassment 
  6. Policies on Company and Statutory Benefits
  7. Policies on Gender Diversity and Inclusion
  8. Training and Development Policies
  9. Policies on Organization Development
  10. Many more 

Our Policy Creators and Their Writing Process. Our writers are seasoned consultants who had years of experience in creating policies for Human Resource Teams. They have handled HR work in various industries and can definitely provide you with experienced and valuable insights, ensuring your policies are well written and compliant to all required standards. We create policies through a rigorous process that involve thorough research and careful consideration. The information gathered are organized in a manner that is logical and easily understandable to most employees. Once the policies are completed, we sift through the document for careful editing and refinement making the final product highly reliable and professional.

Policy Consultancy. We understand that creating a policy is only as good as its execution. As an optional/additional service, we can also provide guidance for the implementation of the policies we helped you create. Our policy creators, with their decades of experience, are ready to provide you with a helping hand to answer your questions and clarifications. They will lead you to the right direction and provide you with insights that will ease your decision making regarding critical and unique scenarios in your workplace.

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