Multimedia Learning and Video Presentations

Presenting information to an audience and ensuring that they retain these while inspiring them to take action can sometimes be a very challenging task. If you have other priorities, it can be grueling to create a presentation that can achieve this, especially when you have to present it multiple times afterward. Not only is this time-consuming, but having different presenters can also change the interpretation and delivery of the information.

Why Choose Our Service. We will embody your vision in the multimedia we create for you. We go the extra mile by bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives while meeting your criteria. We want to communicate your brand and style the way you want us to. Our Multimedia Learning and Videos ensure presentations that can consistently capture the attention of your audience while ensuring that they retain important pieces of information free of biases. This is critical, especially during times of crisis where communication and calling for action is of great importance. We make use of animations, movements, and sounds that appeal to the senses. We also consider proven methods that help in retaining information such as evoking strong emotions, surprises, repetition, storytelling, and many others.

What videos do we edit. Our specialization is creating content for learning materials for enhanced information retention. The video service includes not only editing, but also content creation. We can help you with videos such as:

  1. Code-of-Conduct
  2. Video Training Materials
  3. New-Hire Employee Orientation
  4. Policy Roll-Out Videos (Gender Diversity and Inclusion, Sexual Harrassment Policies, etc)
  5. Learning Materials

We can also provide video editing services for other things that you require. Want a quote? You may call us and provide us more details. 

The Process. In order to make the content development easy for you, we would like to simplify the service into a few quick and easy steps:

  1. Speak with our staff by calling us and let us know your requirements. We will discuss how we can help.
  2. Complete the required documents and payments. Our staff shall provide you all required assistance and discuss all details about the project.
  3. Supply the initial materials or raw details for the content, if applicable. This may include video footages, written information, and others.
  4. Wait for the outputs within the agreed timelines. Timelines will depend on the complexity of the project.
  5. Give us your feedback, if any. We shall give you up to two free edits per project. Any succeeding edits will be reasonably priced.

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