e-Workshops (Webinar)

The time of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a great challenge to continue learning and development plans using regular classroom training. Many companies focused on staying afloat have set training and development aside. However, top companies who know how to thrive definitely know better; they recognize that times of crises are exactly the right times to ensure that people are empowered and know what to do. They know that the survival of their company depends on people’s ability to adjust and learn the new skills required for this challenge. Thus, they invest on training and development through e-Workshops. 

Effective Retention of Information. Our e-Workshops offer an alternative avenue that allows companies to continue their learning and development efforts regardless of the challenges. What is great about our e-Workshops is that it enables employees to retain information by encouraging optimum interaction through activities that facilitate the learning. While most webinars make them listen to an hour of talk, we offer workshop-type activities online and post webinar exercises that allow participants to apply what they are learning. Similar to our regular classroom workshops and seminars, we utilize adult-learning approaches to capture the attention of the participants and maximize learning and engagement.

Tailored to Your Needs. Our e-Workshops are not one-size-fit-all programs. We carefully tailor these sessions specifically to your needs. We can provide assistance in gathering information during your Training Needs Analysis if you have not yet done any. Using this information, we carefully research and piece together an e-Workshop targeted toward the core competencies and skills you would like to develop. At the end of it, we also offer basic tools in measuring the impact of your training using the first two levels in the Kirkpatrick Model. If you require further assistance on the other levels of measure, you may let us know.

Online Tool/Facility for e-Workshop. Currently, our e-Workshops are available through Zoom and MS Teams. Should you require the use of any other tools, please let us know ahead of time so we can determine how to adjust the workshop to your office tools.    

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