Competency Enhancement Courses

Employee Empowerment Training

A company’s ability to pursue its goals and achieve them is dependent on the willingness of everyone in the organization to work on the goals. Because of this, 89% of all organizations worldwide spend money on incentives and rewards and recognition in place in hopes of getting people engaged into meeting organizational goals. Despite this, a lot of companies and businesses still fail to thrive and meet their goals. Why? Shouldn’t rewards and recognition programs be enough to stir the performance of employees?
Employee engagement is very well tied up with motivation. Disengaged employees have very poor productivity, lower sales and output, and lower customer loyalty. This module attempts to provide managers with some practical approaches and best practices that work well in motivating employees. For more information, click here.

The Art of Time Management

Companies sometimes face the challenge of under-productivity because employees are hurdled with competing responsibilities and priorities. As a result, focus is lost and much time is spent on waste. Understanding that time is a precious resource, this module provides vigorous discussions and activity-based learning about concepts related to Time Management. It aims to help the participants to review their current Time Management practices and find possible efficient options so they may complete more activities during their regular day. For more information, click here.

Coping With Stress (A Stress Management Module)

This work-shop based module provides the participants an understanding of Stress — what it is, how it affects people, and how people can cope with it. It provides new ideas and practical tips in stress management. It also provides information about how participants can guide themselves when faced with non-productive means of handling stress as it incorporates self-reflection and action planning exercises. This interactive approach provides a simple and practical solution to the problem that all employees face – Stress. For more information, please click here

Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Decision making is the ability to take a course of action provided a certain calculated risk given a Problem or a situation. This involves using your creativity to venture into the unknown and use available information to choose the best among a set of options. It is an invaluable skill that is not easy for a lot of people. Our decision making module attempts to break down the steps that your employees should take in order to make their decisions count with the best results in mind. It takes them to a journey of discovering proper analysis, problem identification, step-by-step strategy development, and action planning. This will allow them a versatile technique to always find the best solutions given any situation. For more information, you may click here.

Work Attitude Values Enhancement (W.A.V.E)

Through this module, participants can discover their personal mission, vision, and values and correlate it to what their company needs. It allows participant to reflect on their personal values and guide themselves toward decision making that considers ethics and a high level of integrity. Participants can learn to see social responsibility and organizational responsibility and how it plays a role in guiding them to become more productive at work. As corporate survival depends much on the values of its people, this training provides a very good experiential learning to its participants so that they can align the personal values they have that would make much positive impact to the company they serve. For more information, please click here.

Accent Neutralization and Communication Enhancement

For companies who deal with business internationally, this module helps employees minimize the effects of their mother tongue in their spoken English. This allows them to be more understandable in the international community. The module includes familiarization to the International Phonetic Alphabet and to common mistakes committed by speakers who use English as a Second Language as well as exercises to help neutralize their accent.

Technical Writing Enhancement Training

Is tailor-fitted to professionals such as engineers and the likes who need to create technical reports and make them reader friendly to a less technical audience. This includes a workshop on usual systematic forms of Technical Reports as well as effective techniques in writing.