Our Services

COMPETAD specializes in providing customized in-house workshops. We can coordinate with you to ensure that you get exactly the program you need to develop your employees skills. Our customized programs incorporates a fusion of the theoretical and practical applications that are relevant to your industry. We believe that not all workshops are equal so yours should be based on what you need, not based on a cookie-cutter approach. Together, we will work with you an make your aspirations for your company become ours as well. You are not our only our clients; you are our partner in achieving your company aspirations.  

As a provider, we have managed workshops for a variety of industries. We have conducted seminars for government organizations such as The Commission on Audit, PAGIBIG, PHIVOLCS, and many others. We have also conducted seminars for retail businesses such as Rustan’s and Robinsons Holdings Corporation, Starmall, among many. Some of our aspiration partners belong to the mining industry, but we have also a variety of client in the power-generation businesses, pharmaceuticals, and lots more. 

What makes our workshop roster unique is that, aside from the usual soft-skills, management, and leadership workshop, we also offer an array of Technical Training Programs. We offer Microsoft Office Workshops, Multimedia Skills Training, and Electrical Engineering Programs. In 2018, we have been accredited by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) as a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points provider for our Electrical Engineering Programs. Our speakers are practitioners in their own areas, which provides our workshops a deeper and more work-applicable perspective for the learners. 

Public Training/Seminar

We offer training programs based on current industry demands. These are tailored to the most updated information and practices that are applicable to most industries. Public training includes engineering courses that are CPD accredited (as of 2019) and soft skills courses that will truly enrich you and your employee’s skills. Our speakers are practitioners in the topic areas they discuss so you will surely learn from their experience. You may check our training calendar for more details.

In-house Training/Seminar

In-house training the choice if you would like to create a customized program for your company. We accomodate classes for participants of up to 25 people. We have a range of topics for your needs. You can choose from our technical (engineering topics) and soft-skills. We also offer leadership programs, values enhancement, team building, and technical writing.

Training & Workshops


Our workshops are sessions ideally for 15 to 25 participants. These are designed to promote learning through classroom-based exercises and practice using Adult Learning Principles. We consider the different types of learners as well so that we can ensure a higher percentage of information transfer and retention.  Participants are encouraged to think critically, share best practices, and engage in fun-filled exercises. We have an array of activities that participants truly enjoy.

Policy Creation and Consultancy Services

We are introducing a new service to you that will ease your work as HR or Manager. We believe that part of making your employees competitive and attuned with the times is to create policies that are clear and compliant to legal and ethical standards. Save thousands or millions on legal fees by taking advantage of our Policy Creation and Consultancy Services. For more information, you can follow this link.

e-Workshops (Webinar)

We recognize that you would like to continue your learning and development program despite challenges in distance and in times of crises where people are unable to meet physically. The time of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a great challenge to continue learning and development plans using regular classroom training. Many companies focused on staying afloat have set training and development aside. However, top companies who truly know how to thrive definitely know better; they recognize that times of crises are exactly the right time to ensure that people are empowered and know what to do. Thus, they invest on training and development through e-Workshops. If you would like to do the same, find out more.

We are continuously updating our course list in the website to accommodate our growing options for you. If you don’t find what you are looking, please click here to contact us for a comprehensive listing of our training modules.